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Women’s Ministry Christmas Party Ideas

14 Dec
I attended the Women’s Ministry Christmas at my home church on Saturday night. The theme was: Bells. Each table had a mini-tree as the centerpiece, decorated with red and gold bells and bows. A hand bell on each table was used by a guest during the song, “Come On, Ring Those Bells.” We also sang Silver Bells and I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day and heard the poem, “Jingle Bell Scholck/A Christmas Poem to Drive Truth Home by Linda Ann Nickerson, followed by a talk by Wendy Hock, Missionary to Paraquay. It got me thinking – Maybe you need a last minute Christmas idea for your own Women’s Ministry group. Below are the theme sets we’ve published today:
Womens Ministry Christmas Last year we published the “Impromptu Christmas Party CD Exchange” idea which is really fun and takes very little time or volunteer staff to coordinate as a Women’s Ministry Christmas party. Click here to view the CD Exchange Christmas Party Theme Set promo page.
WM Christmas Ideas The most popular set this year is the Manger Theme Set featuring a responsive reading, music suggestion, nativity decorations and a table game. Click here to view the entire Manger Christmas Party Theme Set promo page.
WM Christmas Ideas Even with Christmas is right around the corner and you haven’t started planning a Women’s Ministry Christmas party yet, you can host this one! This template set includes all the details for an event that my home church has hosted on two occasions. While we had plenty of time to plan, I believe that by using our notes and these promotional templates you could pull it off with just a week or two’s notice. Have at it! Click here to view the Impromptu Christmas Party Theme Set promo page.

What is/was your Christmas party idea for this year? When you share here, you help all of us! Thanks! Marnie

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