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Twitter Party Hostessing

4 Jan

If you are already registered to be a Twitter party hostess for the www.WomensMinistryExpo.com, congrats! Read below. If you want to be one, request reciprocal publicity here: http://www.marnie.com/support.php

  1. Make sure your Twitter profile photo and short bio are the best they can be. It’s like going to any party – dress your best!
  1. Feel free to follow anyone with whom you connect at the party. One of the best advantages of a Twitter party is the opportunity to make new Twitter connections! Go for it!
  1. You’ll need to open three tabs or windows for the afternoon:
  1. Start new threads of conversation at Tweetchat.
  • Type a memorable quote you just heard the presenter make or the worship leader sing, using their name, preferably with their Twitter @Name
  •  Provide a link to the speaker/singers website or Twitter page (found at www.WomensMinistryExpo.com by right-clicking on their photo (for the website) or Twitter icon. Select: Copy Link Location. Paste it (Ctl V) into your comment at Tweetchat.
  •  What is being trained live right now? Pitch an “on topic” idea of your own.
  1. Add to existing conversations.
    Unlike Facebook, each post at a Tweetchat is a stand-alone comment. You cannot “attach” your comment to theirs. Instead, you’ll let them know you are replying or expanding on their post by using their @Name and then making your comment.
  1. Check your own page frequently to see when gals are @Naming YOU. Tweetchat gets moving pretty fast sometimes. It’s easy to “lose” a reply in the flow. Checking your own page will enable you to quickly scan ONLY those comments in which you are specifically addressed. You may reply at Tweetchat OR from your own page, using #womensministry in the comment. The # notation adds it to the feed at Tweetchat.


  • When quoting speakers or songs, use the speaker/singers’ @Name so guests can go follow them.
  • At least every 15 minutes someone should post an invitation to the webinar site (www.WomensMinistryExpo.com) and the Facebook party page (https://www.facebook.com/events/309332805839275/)   It’s amazing how many people are “watching” but don’t have a clue what’s going on!

If you have not yet registered to attend the Expo, do that here: http://www.WomensMinistryExpo.com.

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