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Event Planners: Don’t ReInvent the Wheel

6 Aug

why reinvent the wheelBusy leaders know the value of creating efficient systems to accomplish repetitive tasks. In my 20+ years of Women’s Ministry leadership, I put together an ebook including my favorite 17 templates — and these forms have served as time-saving “wheels” for thousands of others.

These ready-to-use forms and lists are divided into three easy categories:

1. Tools You Need When Working with People To Whom You Will Pay Money (speakers, retreat centers, etc.)
2. Tools You Need When Working with People Who Will Pay You Money (event attendees)
3. Tools You Need When Working With Volunteers & Contributors (planning committees, contributors, local businesses)

The ebook includes: Brainstorming Worksheet, Multiple Ready-To-Copy Sign-Up Sheets, an Interactive Budget Worksheet, a Speaker Worksheet, Conference/Retreat Center Worksheet, numerous sample Retreat Registration Forms, Business Donation Request Templates, and much more! Request your copy today!

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