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Speakers: Get More Bookings

25 Jul

Join me and Sheila live Thursday, July 26 online at Marnie’s Friends for this one hour training during which you will learn:

1. The key ingredient to getting booked to speak at churches.
2. The #1 mistake most speakers make.
3. The golden key of follow-up.
4. The rules of engagement multiplication: Turning one engagement into twenty.
5. The best place for a new speaker to start.
6. Where to concentrate if you want to be strategic in your speaking.
7. How to determine a marketing budget.
8. The book deal: Do you really need one to get hired to speak?
9. Understanding the effect of the Internet on the business and ministry of speaking.

Remember, if you miss it, you can always catch it in the archive (free for 4 weeks and then in the membership zone after that!).

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Press Release: Speaker Training – 5 Keys to Increase Visibility and Bookings

4 Feb

Getting speaking engagements in the Christian market, churches and at faith-based organizations is getting increasingly competitive, according to new findings by WomenSpeakers.com, the largest online directory of Christian women speakers in the world.

“There are lots of speakers available to planners, but there is a trend toward booking from inside the organization instead of hiring out,” said Marnie Swedberg, speaker trainer and web hostess of WomenSpeakers.com. “Motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and women Christian speakers who want to stay busy and booked need a strategic plan.”

The great news is that there are still tens of thousands of speaking engagements being awarded to outside speakers each year. Those who are strategic about their positioning will secure the most bookings.

“Getting prime visibility online is key,” said Swedberg. “Also, speakers need to increase their media value, improve their presentation skills and try to get a book written and published in their own field of expertise. These are the ways to increase your chances at being chosen to speak at events, meetings and conferences.”

Swedberg offers five tips that motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and business speakers need to address to get more speaking engagements.

1. Be everywhere. When your name comes up as a potential speaker, how easy is it for a meeting planner, event organizer or speaker bureau to find you? Do they already have your one sheet? Have they received an email from you in the past six months? If they do a Google search, will they see your home page or a glowing media article about you at the top of the results page? Or will they see your competitors’ sites? One proven way to get found on search engines is to register with reputable online directories like http://www.WomenSpeakers.com.

2. Be Internet and media friendly. Once a meeting planner, event organizer or speaker bureau finds your website, how easy is it for them to find your media page? Make it super easy to find and download your topics, media/speaking experience, demo clips, full color professional photo and contact information. Planners, media producers and speaker agents are super busy. They don’t have time to hunt for the information they need.

3. Be hot on the spot. During your first interaction with people — by phone, on the stage, or in an elevator — speak in sound bites that make every minute matter. For example, when you hit the stage, you have 90 seconds to make an impression. You must communicate: “I am your partner. I respect your time. I am prepared. I empathize with you.” You have mere minutes to focus wandering minds, gain the audience’s commitment to stay involved and generate group laughter. There is a free training on how to speak in sound bites available at http://www.marnie.com.

4. Be well-referenced. We live in a society that requires social evidence before people will believe anything. Use your LinkedIn profile to easily capture letters of recommendation. There’s an easy way to do this. Write a recommendation for your connections whenever you have something genuinely complimentary to communicate. The LinkedIn system automatically asks the recipient to respond in kind. Many people do. Since these quotes are intended for public view, there is no need for additional permissions. Plus, you have instant access to their professional title and photo. Marnie’s free resource, SANE: Social Networking Success in 15 Minutes a Day, explains how even the busiest speakers can find time to drum up business in this manner.

5. Be published. It is common knowledge that published authors get booked for more paid speaking engagements than those who have yet to publish a book. The simplicity with which one can be published is a much better kept secret. Marnie’s book, eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days, outlines the steps she took to move an idea from her client to the Kindle store in 14 days and into paperback version on Amazon in just 14 additional days.

About Marnie Swedberg

Author, speaker and experienced media guest Marnie Swedberg is web hostess of the largest online directory of Christian Women Speakers in the world, featuring over 1,400 speakers. She developed this site to serve the thousands of women’s ministry leaders in her mentorship program at Marnie.com. She is the author of the book series “The Marnie Method for Super Busy Women,” and the host of “Marnie’s Friends,” an online radio talk show providing practical, doable, fast and effective solutions to the challenges busy women face every day.

For information, go to http://www.WomenSpeakers.com

Michele Reynolds

Wanna Be a Speaker?

12 Apr
I want to be a speaker

I want to be a speaker

I get a lot of letters like the one above. Here is my reply to this one:

Hi Stephanie,

Nice to meet you. I wish I had a LONG time to sit and chat one-on-one, but God has not so ordered my life!! (Heaven will be good!!)

I think 1) you should pursue what is in your heart 2) you should ignore thoughts that minimize YOUR value, because God only has ONE Stephanie Sorrels* in the entire universe… others have their own stories, but only you have HIStory about you.

This might sound self-serving, but actually it’s the best I can offer you: a) join the club, b) go through the training segments for speakers and authors — vision mission training, how to set parameters, how to tell a God-honoring story, etc. c) if you want to speak, register your availability d) when you get references, add a full page profile (which is part of the membership).

I hope this helps. It’s a big world… sometimes we just need a place to start… a place to “get focused” about why we are here and what’s next.

Blessings, my dear!

*The speaker’s name was changed.

Stories: Why They Make Speeches Work

10 Mar

  During this hour-long training, you will learn
how to use stories in your speeches for a more powerful presentation!

Thursday, March 11th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
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Everyone loves to hear a story. Why is that anyway? In this session we’ll talk about why stories are so powerful, about the latest research stories and the brain, and to use stories to increase the power of any presentation you give.

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GPS- Goof Proof Speaking

16 Feb
Savvi Sheila McCarthy During this hour-long training, you will learn
10 tips toward successful speaking.
Thursday, February 18th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Click for call notes.

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Many times a little preparation, plus a good attitude can make the event enjoyable for everyone, including the speaker! Just like “regular” GPS, Savvi Sheila McCarthy helps folks get where they want to go. Join us for speaker training with Savvi!

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How To Make A Memorable, Life-Changing Impression

27 Jan
During this hour-long training, you will learn how to host the type of event, or be the type of speaker, whose impact lingers in the hearts and minds of guests for a long, long time.
Thursday, January 28th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Download the call notes HERE.
or click for the post-show archive.

Whether you’re a speaker or a women’s ministry leader, you want your event to have an impact. You don’t just want to entertain, you want to see lives changed. But how do we create an impression that is lasting and meaningful without being boring or turning off seekers? Listen and learn! Download the call notes now.

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Eat What You Love

20 Jan
During this hour-long training,
you will learn how to break your

Thursday, January 21st
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET

on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Click for the post-show archive.

A few weeks after the launch of my new website, Better Than a Diet, God orchestrated a “chance meeting” with Dr. Michele May. He went on to use her extensive research to confirm to me what He had been asking me to teach, even though I was still in the learning curve myself.

It is my great joy to introduce you to one of my newest friends, and to her awesome research and training entitled, “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat.”

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Breakthrough your Barriers

13 Jan

Becky Harmon, Success Not Sabotage Coach
During this hour-long training,
you will learn ten strategies to help you eliminate sabotage and build success!

Thursday, January 13th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510

Click HERE to download the
“Success Not Sabotage”
training call notes.

Click for the post-show archive.

Guest Trainer, Becky Harmon, loves empowering and motivating others by coaching with straight talk, humor and stories from her personal journey from a family DNA of owning a liquor store and bar room fights to church planting, coach and ministry leader.

She is a featured speaker at www.WomenSpeakers.com and would consider it an honor to share how to move from Sabotage to Success with you, your ministry team or your event attendees.  Visit her website at http://www.SuccessNotSabatoge.com.

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Happy New Year

31 Dec
Happy New Year!
No show today
due to the holiday.
Join us next week for
Social Media Training
for Ministries

with Chris Forbes,
author of
Facebook for Pastors.

Join the
Leadership Development Club

to gain access to 100% of the
online resources & connections
for one low price.

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Speech Story

18 Dec
Have you ever noticed that the best speech stories come from your own life experiences? Take yesterday for example: Yesterday I gave a presentation that had been planned for three months, on how public speakers can avoid scams and jams. So, it did not surprise me that on Monday, my own son, Tim, experienced a debit card scam and that I woke up yesterday (speech story day) to find that my largest site, WomenSpeakers.com had been attacked again, for the 3rd time this year!

Two days before speaking to a flood-recovery group, and despite the fact that I had already survived a county-wide flood the year before, I experienced an additional, mini-flood in my basement as the sewer “spewed” refuse water all over my laundry room. I would never have CHOSEN it, but I admit that it did make for a more passionate speech.

crisis speech stories I have lived through fires, burglaries, car wrecks, tornadoes, death threats, ambulance rides, broken bones, surgeries and hospitalizations. I “happened” to be in NYC just days after 9/11 and I once opened my voice mail to hear this message: “Marnie, Your father is dead.” Click.

All of these horrific-to-live-through experiences could make a person bitter. In my case, they have enabled me to communicate with audiences at a far more profound level than I ever could have done without them. My speech stories cause deep introspection, new personal commitments and life-changing “ah ha” moments for my audiences.

I would NEVER pick them for myself… but the reality is that I didn’t pick them–they picked me. And now, as a speaker, they each make a great speech story that works to engage, encourage, and even entertain listeners — because a little laughter always helps the medicine go down.

Next time you go through something downright awful, think, “Speech Story!” And you don’t have to wait until you’re on a stage to share your speech stories. Tell everybody you meet.

If you need help making it good, go to Marnie.com and search, “Honoring God with Your Story” for the training segment on this topic.

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