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Marnie Minute – Aug 28, 2013

28 Aug

1. Food Training: Aligning Your Intake with Your Goals
2. Countdown to the New Site – 14 Days!
3. New Site Feature of the Week – See What’s There!
4. Personal Note from Marnie


1. FOOD TRAINING: Aligning Your Intake with
Your Goals with Marnie & guest expert, Judy H. Wright


During this program, you’ll discover how to…
a. Identify the Underlying Causes of Your Extra Pounds.
b. Maximize Pivotal Pain Points.
c. Choose the Best Process for You.
d. Set Reasonable Goals.
e. Establish Ongoing Motivation.
f. Master Your Mind with Mantras.
g. Establish a Realistic Exercise Routine.
h. Start with Maintenance in Mind.

Join us live online
Thursday, August 29, 2013
3-4 PM Central Time

Call in to listen at 646-727-2510
or listen online at


2. Countdown to the New Site – 14 Days!

Lord willing we are going to launch the new site
within the next two weeks. Pray with us!
There are still a few big jobs to tackle.


3. New Feature Sneak Peek of the Week

You’ve been asking for a way to easily identify
which training modules are available to you and
the new site displays this in three ways:

a. At the top of each training zone you’ll find a scroller featuring the image and name of each expert presenter, plus the name of the program.
b. On the right bar of each training zone you’ll find a list of the programs available to you within that zone.
c. The site-wide search tool will pull up any training including your keywords.

The training sets are available individually, but members get access to 100% of the existing (150 programs) plus all future programs included at no extra cost.

The Pre-Launch Sale offers a lifetime membership at 75% OFF:
Reg. $999 now $249/lifetime membership or 12 payments of $24.99. Register now at:


4. Personal Note from Marnie

I’m just gonna share one thing today:
Our fun, new family photos:

Sending love and prayers your way today!

Love you much!

PS – And WELCOME new lifetime members!
I cannot wait to get you going on the new site! 

PPS – It’s not too late! Register now at


What is Creativity?

6 Aug

What is creativity? It is the fastest path to control, proactive involvement in your life, social engagement and focus. Creativity is the ultimate whole brain activity.

Learn how to tap into yours during this free, one-hour online training module with Marnie and guest, Professor Guillaume Wolf, author of ReDesign, ReCreate. You will learn:

– what creativity is
– how to be more creative
– what it means to redesign/recreate your life
– the 3 step process to reinvention
– the rules of creativity
– how to identify and maximize your personal assets
– how to capture the interest of the marketplace by presenting yourself as a mini-brand.

Live training: Thursday, August 11, 2011 at
1-2PM Pacific, 2-3PM Mountain, 3-4PM Central, 4-5PM Eastern

Get the training notes here: What Is Creativity.

Watch the video here:

New Website: YourName.com

3 Aug

This training is short and sweet so you can set up your new website at http://www.YourName.com yet today. As the web hostess of numerous sites generating millions of hits per year, several ranking #1 and/or on the first page of Google.com, I am excited to share my strategies with you so you can register for a free website template, set it up and link it to a http://www.YourName.com in 60 minutes or less. We’ll discuss URL forwarding plus a bonus tip that can increase click-thrus on your site by 96%!

Airs live Thursday, August 4th, 1-2PM Pacific, 2-3PM Mountain, 3-4PM Central, 4-5PM Eastern at MarniesFriends.com. Download the training notes at LeadershipAttitudes.com.

My 1st Facebook Birthday

6 Oct
Thank you all for making my birthday so wonderful! Whether you were here with me (my local family and friends), sent a card or package by mail or sent me messages online, I was SPOILED! Being new to Social Networking in 2009, I had no idea that my 1st birthday would be enhanced so dramatically because I’d become a member of online communities.

I feel so loved and encouraged. Thank you for taking time to make my birthday wonderful.

If you have ever wondered if you should add a simple birthday greeting on someone’s profile, I encourage you to do it! I used to think it was “cheesy” or sort of “lame” — since it only took a few moments. But now, after being the recipient of such lovely well-wishes from friends around the world, friends I’ve known since childhood, and friends who knew me when they were children and are now grown with families — well, all I can say is WOW and “Thank YOU!!”

Connect with me now at:

Marnie Meanderings

11 Jul
I am not sure anyone in the world is curious about my random thoughts, but, just at this moment, I feel like sharing a few of them. Read them and weap–or, at least, add me to your prayer list!

1) I am preparing myself mentally for the “outback/up north vacation” Dave has planned for us this coming week. I love him and WANT to have fun, so am casting away my desire to whine because the weather report says it will be 3 degrees and the cabin description is, well, you read it: “Cabins are constructed out of wood and give you the feeling of staying in the wilderness.”

My personality is much like Piglets: I usually find life pretty overwhelming.

I can really relate to Piglet: I usually find life pretty big, scary & overwhelming.

If only I was an outdoors girl!  Honestly, I thank God, I mean, like daily, that He let me get born at this time of history as I cannot even imagine myself as a pioneer woman!!  What I do know is that God is going to help me a) be nice, b) be content and c) have fun… just because He can!

2) I want to do another “customer service training” for our Soulutions and M & K staff. I am wondering if I should open it up to other local businesses as well? But, that’s just like me: I often find my mind taking something that would be fairly simple and making it far more complex (for me) — in an attempt to simplify things for others.

3) I am sitting at my computer typing ridiculously random thoughts while I could be, well, for example, cleaning up the mess in the storage closet where the entire top shelf, full of 7 years of tax records for our family and businesses, fell to the ground, spreading papers everywhere. But why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

Ha! I wrote some more thoughts but deleted them all… I think both you and I should quit thinking about my thoughts and get something productive done with the day!

All my love!

PS – If you think I have self-confidence issues, you are right!  However, I am usually overly-self-confident and considering the facts is often a healthy endeavor.

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