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Maximize Your Women’s Conference Attendance & Vendor Sponsorships

24 Jun

Get the inside scoop on planning your next conference from these two event planners who stepped WAY OUT of their comfort zones to host remarkable events. Teri Johnson’s marketing team convinced over 1,000 women to attend a conference in a remote town, population 2,756. Marcia Mehlhaff’s team used a unique approach to book vendors for an annual administrator’s conference. Both will share tips on how you can take your next conference to the next level.

Join me and event planners,
Teri Johnson & Marcia Mehlhaff
Listen in right now!
Click for Show Notes.

Peek at the movie produced for the Liz Curtis Higgs event,
which was put together by a team from Roseau, Minnesota,
including guest, Teri Johnson.


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