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Facebook Hostess Training

4 Jan

If you are already registered to be a Facebook party hostess for the www.WomensMinistryExpo.com, congrats! Read below. If you want to be one, request reciprocal publicity here: http://www.marnie.com/support.php

1.  Show up on time or early, looking good. Just like at any party, your first impression is important. Take time to update your profile picture and bio, and then show up on time or early to help get the party rolling.

2.  Feel free to friend anyone with whom you connect at the party. One of the best advantages of a FB party is the opportunity to make new FB friends! Go for it!

3.  You’ll need to open three tabs or windows for the afternoon:

4.   Start new threads (new comments) on the FB event page.

  • Type a memorable quote you just heard the presenter make or the worship leader sing, using their name.
  • Provide a link to the speaker/singers website or FB page (found at www.WomensMinistryExpo.com by right-clicking on their photo (for the website) or FB icon. Select: Copy Link Location. Paste it (Ctl V) into your comment at FB.
  • What is being trained live right now? Pitch an “on topic” idea of your own.

6.  Add to existing threads. When joining an existing comment/conversation, the key is to stay on “their” topic. Either “like” their comment and/or add a congruent thought, link or idea of your own. The key is to stay on the topic the original poster had in mind. Do allow the comments to migrate, but you shouldn’t be the one to take the thread off topic. If you want to say something new/different, start a new comment/thread.

7.   Check your notifications frequently to see when gals comment on a thread that is now lower down on your page. The notifications buttons is found just left of the search bar on the top of your FB page. (the globe icon)

8. At least once per hour, post something interesting about the party on your own FB page. This will catch the attention of gals who are online during the party.


  • It is helpful to include people’s names (allowing FB to pull up/enter their “FB name”). This posts your comment not only within the party space but also on their own wall so their connections can see the thread.  Note: People have different settings – some do not allow it to post without their approval, etc. Let them worry about that. It’s polite to include the name of, say, speakers, singers, etc. when quoting them.
  • I don’t recommend that you “mass invite” people to a FB party – it’s sort of tricky to say “no” and sometimes people feel “trapped” if they can’t stop the feed on party day. Instead, post invites on your own FB page and let THEM link over if interested. Another way is to invite them on their own page.  The link to the party page is https://www.facebook.com/events/309332805839275/  Do invite – just don’t “mass invite” using the party invitation system.

If you have not yet registered to attend the Expo, do that here: http://www.WomensMinistryExpo.com.


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