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“eBooks” Blog Tour Schedule

19 Feb

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eBooks: Idea to  Amazon in 14 Days Tour Schedule

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Monday, February 22
Interviewed at Blogcritics
Guest blogging at The Writer’s Life

Tuesday, February 23
Guest blogging at Blogging Authors

Wednesday, February 24
Interview l Chat l Book Giveaway at Pump Up Your Book

Thursday, February 25
Book reviewed at Market My Novel

Friday, February 26
Interviewed at Examiner
Guest blogging at Book Marketing Buzz

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Marnie Swedberg’s  EBOOKS: IDEA TO AMAZON IN 14 DAYS VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR ‘10 will officially begin on February 22 and end on February 26. Please contact Dorothy Thompson at if you are interested in hosting and/or reviewing his book during her virtual book tour. Thank you!

Update: Marnie’s tour is full.  Thank you to all hosts for participating!


eBooks: Author Training – 3 Guests Back-to-Back

29 Jan

Library eBook Practices ~ How an Amazon Reviewer Will Rate Your Book ~ Formatting Your Book for Handheld Readers

David Burleigh
Director of Marketing
During this 30-minute interview, capture the inside scoop on how OverDrive provides world-class infrastructure for distributing premium digital content, empowering publishers, enterprises, libraries, schools, and retailers to maximize their presences in the digital world by enabling them to securely manage, protect, and lend or sell digital audiobooks, eBooks, music, and videos.

Tuesday, February 2nd
12:30-1 PA, 1:30-2 MT, 2:30-3 CT, 3:30-4 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510

Dr. Bernabo is a Duluth, MN college professor and the #2 ranking Amazon reviewer with over 6,000 reviews to his credit. He joins us live to share about how he selects and reviews books, and what authors can do to help their cause.
Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010
1-1:30 PA, 2-2:30 MT, 3-3:30 CT, 4-4:30 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Joshua Tallent is my own “eBook Architect”, the guru who formatted my recent release, “eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days” for the Kindle and Smashwords. He joins us to explain the different formatting requirements for Kindle, iPod and PDF readers.

Tuesday, Feb 2nd
1:30-2 PA, 2:30-3 MT, 3:30-4 CT, 4:300-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510

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Research 101

25 Jan
Lance Winslow, World Think Tank Lance Winslow is the founder of the World Think Tank, and has written over 20,000 online articles and 10-eBooks. By his estimation, he has published some 9 million words.

Upon being quoted in my new eBook, eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days, he asked a good question: “How on Earth did your researchers choose that one paragraph out of all the articles I’ve written on this subject of eBooks?”

Good question! I’ll try to explain below.

1. When I work a large project, any large project, I break things down into bite-size pieces. As I wrote this book in 14 days, I started by identifying the chapter titles and then researching and writing each one, independent of the others.

2. I hired researchers and assigned them to just one chapter, as a stand alone project. They were to provide me with a list of articles and online resources addressing only their one, specific field of interest. Note: The links they provided could only come from credible sources. All other content was ignored.

3. By the time I received each list, I had already written the main chapter content. The main points were in place and I was looking for “accent pieces” – content that enhanced, expanded or added further depth to the information I had already written.

Note: When I read for pleasure, I read every word. When I research, I am like a heat-seeking-missile: I am focused on ferreting out a precise set of facts for a specific niche-need in my writing.

Thanks for asking! Hope this helps somebody.

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18 Jan


January 18, 2010 New Release
Idea to Amazon in 14 Days

What are your eBook ideas? Do you have a completed manuscript in hand? In as little as two weeks, you could be a published author on This eBook tells you how.

Peak into Marnie’s super-busy life as she manages her restaurant, works at the family retail store, hosts several websites and a radio talk show, all while writing this book, the idea of which was non-existent before January 6, 2010.

Engaged to do a 3-day, 7-location pinch hit speaking tour for a regional library system, Marnie employed her unique Coaching the Group techniques and turned the topic, “How to Write an eBook,” into this instantly downloadable how-to guide. The book explains how she put together a team of outsourcers and freelancers who supported her as she researched, wrote, edited and published this book, from idea to Amazon in 14 days, and how you could do it, too.

If time, money and getting published are important to you, and you have two hours to spare, read this book to learn:

1. Why eBooks are a good publication option for business, non-profit, fiction and non-fiction writers and why unpublished authors should act now.
2. Why you should write your book with two key audiences in mind.
3. How the use of templates can save you time and money.
4. Keys to topic, title and chapter heading research.
5. How to write and format your book for eBook publication.
6. Tips to keep you legal—a plagiarism overview.
7. Why and how 2.0 can kill your book in a day, and how to prevent it.
8. Where to find freelance- and outsource-researchers, writing coaches, editors, graphic artists and formatters who can help get your book publication-ready.

Click HERE to buy “eBooks” now for $9.99, or
Click HERE to learn how to get all of Marnie’s online resources for one, low, monthly fee of just $7.95.

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