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2012 Bible Study Expo

11 May

Join me live, online – May 17th from 1-5 PM Central Time for the 2012 Bible Study Expo at!

I’ll be interviewing 15 Bible Study Book Authors from 13 Christian Book Publishers plus we’re hosting Facebook & Twitter parties, Free Book Give Aways & More! All available to you for FREE at!

Bible Study Expo

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Social Media Connections Strategy I: 2012

15 Jan

Keith Kellor is a co-producer of plus is in top 1% of Twitter users in world. He’s from Australia, and is a “Twitter 4 Business Specialist” with clients around the world. And, actually, we get 5 big tips from Keith for how to get the best out of Twitter as a business marketing tool in 2012:

Connections 2012

Connections 2012

  1. Be a resource not a salesperson. Twitter is about sharing information and resources NOT selling ‘stuff’. This may sound counter-intuitive but it is the essence of Social Media marketing.
  2. Write a strong bio that will inspire potential clients and joint venture partners to follow you.
  3. Add a photo or company graphic. There is significant evidence to prove that people who do this get more followers and retweets
  4. Remember the 80/20 Rule – It’s not all about you.  4 out of 5 tweets should be of value to your followers and not sales related. Only 1 out of every 5 tweets (minimum) should be a sales related message. 1 out of 10 however is a far better ratio if you can manage it.
  5.  SHARE – SHARE –SHARE (This is Twitter101).  Share links to great articles and interact with your followers… this is the essence of how Twitter works.

Keith is a pro who offers an online training program at and you can join him at for a free one-hour intensive on social networking strategies.

How HAS your social networking been working for you? Remember: If you keep doing it the same way, you guarantee you’ll get the same results.  So, what are YOU going to do differently in 2012?

I recommend you start by downloading my own free ebook on the topic! It’s called SANE: Social Networking Success in 15 Minutes a Day and it’s available free from  – for YOUR success!

Note: Keith presents live tonight at 6 PM EST online at It’s free while it’s live so go register right now!

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Speaking Strategy I: 2012

11 Jan

As a speaker, speaker trainer and the webhostess of, the largest online directory of women speakers in the world, I am passionate about helping you be the best speaker you can be.

My #1 tip to you for 2012 is to find at least one or more things to do BETTER than you did them in 2011. Remember: Insanity has been defined as doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. To see change, make a change!

To advance your speaking skills and bookings in 2012, tap into the training modules available to you in the Speaking Zone at or join the mentorship program to benefit from all speaker, media and life-zone training modules plus all the connection opportunities available with a full page speaker profile at

Real quick here I’d like to share a few more tips from some other speaker trainers:

– 92-year-old fitness guru, Jack LaLanne, says, “If you believe in something, you can talk about it.” Choose your topics based on your passion.

– Erin Grunwell suggests that we quote, “Engage the lowest common denominator, so, for example, who has a negative attitude or who can’t concentrate? If we can engage that person, everyone else with fall like a domino.”

– “Say the same things over in different ways, especially when you are trying to sell something. …It will make an imprint that people will remember.” Judge Maria Lopez

– Speaker coach, Jonathan Sprinkles, says, “Think about the 3 people that are currently performing at the level you’d love to be at. Who are the speakers with whom you’d love to trade places? Who is it that is doing what you want to do? Get to know those speakers by buying or investing in all their stuff. Learn from their website, published resources and take their courses to glean everything you can from those who are doing what you want to do.

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Writing Strategy I: 2012

10 Jan

Our writing tip today comes from another co-presenter at, Lisa Tener of As a book writing coach, published author, faculty member of Harvard Medical School CME’s publishing course.

Lisa’s best tip your 2012 is to get that book published this year!

Right on, Lisa! I’ve got an entire training module on how to do that over and Lisa, too, provides assistance at her site, but, I thought it’d be fun, right here, right now, to share the “WHYs” to help motivate you to actually get your book published yet this year.

Writing 2012

Writing 2012

Lisa shares that becoming a published author will allow you to:

  • Create a lifestyle including travel, speaking and working for yourself.
  • Jump start a new career speaking, leading workshops or retreats, an internet based business, consulting–you name it.
  • Help people realize your area of expertise which helps you get the success you deserve from higher income and hourly fees to national publicity.
  • Open yourself to additional opportunities you haven’t even dreamed of.
  • Clarify and offer your gifts to the world in an expanded way–and feel great about your accomplishment.

If you are serious about getting published in 2012, visit the Writer’s Training Zone at and Lisa’s site at

Be sure to join Lisa and I at the FREE, online Motivation Marathon featuring 46 experts and celebrities, taking place over 9 days on January 14-22, 2012!

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Kitchen Shortcuts Parties – Come & Bring a Friend!

28 Apr
Kitchen Shortcuts

Kitchen Shortcuts

Come hang out with Marnie & friends and maybe even win a book or a free membership to!

Thursday, May 5th.
Lunchtime at LinkedIn & BTR or
PrimeTime at Facebook or
Twitter (#KitchenShortcuts) & BTR.

During this hour you’ll learn how to:

– save $10,000 in 5 years using Marnie’s food management tips
– gain 2.5 days of extra free time this year alone
– maximize every kitchen minute
– create your own, healthier convenience
– make meat the way men like it
– entertain with ease
– cook International cuisine quick
– share meals on wheels
– set up stellar soup, sandwich, salad and potato bars
– be a breakfast pro
– make your own substitutions in seconds
– escape the grocery store faster
– drive by the drive thru on even the busiest days
– mix and match for awesome meals
– model healthy mealtime routines
– serve home cooked meals in minutes and so much more.

This training is totally FREE – so, RSVP at your favorite link below:  Event Title: Kitchen Shortcuts  Party Tag: #KitchenShortcuts

At the time of your party, login to your account above, then listen:

by phone at (646) 727-2510
online at: BlogTalkRadio.

NOTE: Live training, May 5th. Training will be available in MP3/iTunes formats by May 6th.

Training presenter, Marnie Swedberg, is the author of The Marnie Method Series for Super Busy Women. She is the mentor to thousands of women worldwide and the owner of a restaurant and espresso café who loves to host parties for ten to 1,000 guests at a time. Her uniquely powerful kitchen system, originally published in 1996, has been taught in schools, colleges and adult education programs, and has revolutionized many home and restaurant kitchen practices.

 Learn more about Marnie at and about the book at Kitchen Shortcuts Home Page

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Press Release: Speaker Training – 5 Keys to Increase Visibility and Bookings

4 Feb

Getting speaking engagements in the Christian market, churches and at faith-based organizations is getting increasingly competitive, according to new findings by, the largest online directory of Christian women speakers in the world.

“There are lots of speakers available to planners, but there is a trend toward booking from inside the organization instead of hiring out,” said Marnie Swedberg, speaker trainer and web hostess of “Motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and women Christian speakers who want to stay busy and booked need a strategic plan.”

The great news is that there are still tens of thousands of speaking engagements being awarded to outside speakers each year. Those who are strategic about their positioning will secure the most bookings.

“Getting prime visibility online is key,” said Swedberg. “Also, speakers need to increase their media value, improve their presentation skills and try to get a book written and published in their own field of expertise. These are the ways to increase your chances at being chosen to speak at events, meetings and conferences.”

Swedberg offers five tips that motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and business speakers need to address to get more speaking engagements.

1. Be everywhere. When your name comes up as a potential speaker, how easy is it for a meeting planner, event organizer or speaker bureau to find you? Do they already have your one sheet? Have they received an email from you in the past six months? If they do a Google search, will they see your home page or a glowing media article about you at the top of the results page? Or will they see your competitors’ sites? One proven way to get found on search engines is to register with reputable online directories like

2. Be Internet and media friendly. Once a meeting planner, event organizer or speaker bureau finds your website, how easy is it for them to find your media page? Make it super easy to find and download your topics, media/speaking experience, demo clips, full color professional photo and contact information. Planners, media producers and speaker agents are super busy. They don’t have time to hunt for the information they need.

3. Be hot on the spot. During your first interaction with people — by phone, on the stage, or in an elevator — speak in sound bites that make every minute matter. For example, when you hit the stage, you have 90 seconds to make an impression. You must communicate: “I am your partner. I respect your time. I am prepared. I empathize with you.” You have mere minutes to focus wandering minds, gain the audience’s commitment to stay involved and generate group laughter. There is a free training on how to speak in sound bites available at

4. Be well-referenced. We live in a society that requires social evidence before people will believe anything. Use your LinkedIn profile to easily capture letters of recommendation. There’s an easy way to do this. Write a recommendation for your connections whenever you have something genuinely complimentary to communicate. The LinkedIn system automatically asks the recipient to respond in kind. Many people do. Since these quotes are intended for public view, there is no need for additional permissions. Plus, you have instant access to their professional title and photo. Marnie’s free resource, SANE: Social Networking Success in 15 Minutes a Day, explains how even the busiest speakers can find time to drum up business in this manner.

5. Be published. It is common knowledge that published authors get booked for more paid speaking engagements than those who have yet to publish a book. The simplicity with which one can be published is a much better kept secret. Marnie’s book, eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days, outlines the steps she took to move an idea from her client to the Kindle store in 14 days and into paperback version on Amazon in just 14 additional days.

About Marnie Swedberg

Author, speaker and experienced media guest Marnie Swedberg is web hostess of the largest online directory of Christian Women Speakers in the world, featuring over 1,400 speakers. She developed this site to serve the thousands of women’s ministry leaders in her mentorship program at She is the author of the book series “The Marnie Method for Super Busy Women,” and the host of “Marnie’s Friends,” an online radio talk show providing practical, doable, fast and effective solutions to the challenges busy women face every day.

For information, go to

Michele Reynolds

Speaking Fees

28 Jan

What is a typical speakers fee? How much should you charge?

According to Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, there is no national list or organization that posts speakers rates. She says, “People get paid for what they say, how and where they say it, and sometimes just for who they are. Speakers can earn anything from $25 on up to $100,000 for the top celebrity of the moment.”

As a speaker myself, and in working with thousands of event planners and speakers over the years, I know that many church groups are mentally not prepared to pay a speaker. They are used to hosting “in-house” speakers, gals who attend their own church or are missionaries in whom their church has invested. These speakers provide presentations at no cost, as it should be, because, basically, they are family. They are involved in a mutually beneficial relationship, thus a fee is over-the-top.

But, when a church brings in a speaker from the outside, they should pay her. One idea is ask the committee to add $1 or $3 per person to ticket price or suggested donation, to pay for her travel and time.

No matter how you slice the pie, when speaking at smaller church events, you will always be doing it for love and not money! Having said that, here is my best advice for answering the scary question, “How much do you charge?”

1) Decide how much you need.
Are you earning your livelihood from speeches? If so, and you take an engagement that doesn’t pay, you may have to pass up an engagement that does. Think about this in advance, because you will need to honor your commitment, no matter what else comes along. How many paying engagements, at what rate, do you need? Can you afford to do some pro bona (free) engagements?

2) Who is paying your fee?
If you try to charge a church a corporate fee, you’ll offend people. Every market sector has its own standards for engaging and paying speakers. Even within a sector, working with a small group for a local event is radically different than working with a team who is planning a convention or national conference.

3) Do you have multiple stream of income?
Book authors, professional service providers and others often earn far more from secondary income streams than from their speaking fees. Many such speakers accept engagements for free or low fees in exchange for the opportunity to meet that audience in person.

4) What is your experience level?
When you are just starting out, I encourage you to speak for free for a while. You can learn, polish and improve very fast if you are willing to do this! Consider it an educational expense. If you went to college to learn public speaking, you’d be spending $12,000-$30,000 a year for that education.

Having said all this, when I am personally asked, “How much do you charge?” my standard answer is usually the same. I say, “I try to be as flexible as possible. How much did you pay your speaker last year?” or, conversely, “How much do you usually pay speakers? If at all possible, I would like to work within your budget.”


Join today!

Easily Obtain Quotes & References!

24 Jan

Social evidence is absolutely required by today’s savvy Internet shoppers. Whether you are promoting a business, a new book or your own speaking availability, you need your web pages and marketing pieces sprinkled generously with glowing reviews, but you don’t have to go begging for quotes and references any more!.

Email is the old standard and it still works like a charm, but social networking sites provide far faster and less painful “collection” options than even email. Here are a few super simple suggestions for starters:

1) At, get in the habit of giving compliments (quotables) anytime you can sincerely do so. Imagine your words appearing on someone else’s marketing materials, and make them that good! (Again, of course, only if you truly mean it!) The beauty of doing this at LinkedIn, as opposed to other social networking sites, is that the person you recommended in automatically “prompted” to give you a return quote, if they so desire. Sometimes they do, making it unnecessary for you to even ask.

2) At, send an email request to some friends who have benefited from that specific aspect of your life/work. My son, Mark, is starting a personal fitness coaching business. His well-written email generated several outstanding quotes from former members of teams he has coached.

The beauty of capturing reference letters and quotes from social networking sites is that a) you have permission without asking for it (since anything posted at these sites is free to use, with credit given) and b) you have access to the referrer’s photo, and posting that adds even greater value to the quote.

Hope this helps! Happy reference hunting!


Elizabeth Edwards: Role Model or Ruined Woman?

8 Dec

As women everywhere try to make sense of life – including the ravages of cancer, infidelity, and other devastating disappointments, an Internet poll is asking the question: Elizabeth Edward: Was she a hero or a victim?

My personal take is that she was a woman… at moments, she was heroic, at others, she was weak; at her most vulnerable, she was betrayed by her husband.

I admire much about Elizabeth Edwards. She may not have behaved perfectly during the months it took for her to recover from her husband’s betrayal, but she didn’t give up, she got back up!

How do you want to be remembered? I hope when I die, you will remember the times that I was loving life, because that is what has characterized my stay on this planet. I hope you will not focus on the times I lost my temper, forgot your birthday or felt completely overwhelmed by life. Let’s do the same for Elizabeth Edwards!

And, no matter what you are facing today, don’t give up! Even when Elizabeth made the decision to decline further treatment, it wasn’t “giving up.” It was facing the fact that the season for treatment was over. She was ready to move on, and the next day she did, to eternity.

What about you? Is it time to forge forward, making the most of every minute you have in this season of life, or has this season come to an end and now it’s time to let it go and move on?

I’ll be praying for you today!


Marnie Swedberg is the author of the Marnie Method Series for Super Busy Women and is available for 2 minute to 2 hour interviews. View Marnie’s Media Kit here.

Feeling Loved Book Launch

10 Nov

Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have

Tuesday – Q&A Interview with Marnie by Lynn Mosher at Heading Home.
Tuesday – Featured at Angie Breidenbach Blog, God Uses Broken Vessels.
Tuesday – Interview with Susan Martin, The Mom Coach, at WorkingMoms 911 Note: The recording is part of a for-fee conference set, thus free listening ends Thursday.
Wednesday – Featured at Carmen Boley’s Blog, Continuous Delights.
Thursday, 3 PM CT – Personality Training Segment at Leadership Attitudes.
You? Would you like to book an interview or guest blog with Marnie? Details Here.

Table of Contents

Section I: Feeling Loved
1.       God Sees You as “Best Friend” Material
2.       The Five Keys to Friendship
3.       Gut Honest
4.       Humility: Key to God’s Heart
5.       Dealing with Feelings
6.       Hearing God
7.       Affirmations, Meditation & Memorization
8.       Praying Scripture
9.       Personalities & Prayer
10.   Does God Hate Prayer Lists?

Section II: Scripture Prayers
1.       Prayers of Praise
2.       Prayers for God’s Will to be Done
3.       Prayers of Petition
4.       Prayers of Repentance
5.       Prayers for Protection
6.       Prayers of Submission

1.       Jesus is the Bridge to God
2.       Questions & Answers
3.       Marnie’s Top 200 Verses
4.       Recommended Reading

Feeling Loved

Paperback Version

Soulutions of Warroad has autographed copies for $14.99 each, 2/$25 or 10/$100
plus S/H. Visit

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