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How Marnie Invites Expo Guests

12 Jan

First and foremost, you are most likely to be “found” and thus have the chance to be invited if you follow the steps posted below. This is how 75% of our guests are selected.

The other 25% of our guests are found through targeted keyword searches at a), b) or c)

The key to being found in these queries is to be a highly visible expert in your field.  Thus, out of all the people who are vying for top spot, you get it, because you deserve it.  Landing this position in search results requires a lifetime, pro-active approach to your topic.

By following the steps below, you increase your chances of “being found” exponentially. However, your goal is most like to be found by more than just us! In the long run, you need to become “the expert” in your specific niche.  When someone is looking for a guest on that topic, they should see you everywhere – Google, LinkedIn and It all works together.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

#1 – Become a Facebook or Twitter party hostess at an upcoming expo. Be a pro communicator there first.
#2 – Develop your expertise, examples and topic until you become a published professional in at least one of the 12 life zones.
#3 – Pitch your training topic to our weekly radio talk show, Marnie’s Friends. To succeed at this stage, first study the Show Guidelines. Scroll to the bottom for guidelines.
#4 – If you get invited, over prepare. Put together excellent talk points, learn to speak in sound bites, practice your illustrative stories, take Media Training. It is important that you do a great job on this interview, even if it is your first. We rarely host the same guest twice, so this is a one-shot deal.
#5 – If you show up professionally and provide quality material delivered with polish, you will automatically be considered for upcoming expos.

As a mentor, I don’t just “host a radio show” or “host expos,” I mentor everyone with whom I work. My goal for you is manifold. I exist to:

  • encourage you
  • train and equip you
  • connect you
  • promote you and then
  • launch you out onto your own

The most blessed stage of my work is when I get to sit back and watch you surpass me in skill, influence and delight in life.

Thank you for the opportunity to sow into your life and ministry. It’s my honor!

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Jump Start Your 2012 Holidays with a Time & Money Saving Plan

19 Oct

“If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

Holiday Planning Boot Camp

Get professional help planning your best Christmas ever.

If you’re like most mamas, the extra planning, work and stress of the holidays can push you right past your peace.

That’s why I’m hosting the Holiday Planning Boot Camp online in early November. Join us for two hours of live, interactive, online training where you’ll discover strategies that will radically increase your peace and improve your holiday season.

During the boot camp I’ll help you create your own personal holiday plan, based on your personal goals, that will help you take the “hectic” out–and put the happy back into the holidays.

Register today!

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A Heart Attack is Bad, a Life Attack is Good!

10 Oct

Join me and Sean Willard tomorrow for live “Life Attack” training at Marnie’s Friends Radio Talk. We’ll be covering the topics:

1. How to have a Life Attack: Discover and live into your purpose.
2. How to have a Love Attack: Become better connected in relationship.
3. How to have a Laugh Attack: Learn how to laugh your way to physical and emotional wellness.
4. How to have a Fat Attack: Take full charge of your physical health!

If you are ready to increase your delight in life, attack it with us tomorrow at Marnie’s Friends Radio Talk.

The Power of Your Inner Dialog

17 Aug

The bulk of our decision-making occurs in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind processes only about 40 stimuli per second while the subconscious processes over 20 million stimuli per second.

The power of our inner dialog stems from this non-stop, internal conversation that we are having with ourselves at all times. Mostly, we are unaware of this brain-banter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

To succeed at changing any behavior or habit, we must master the art of reprogramming our subconscious mind from its preferred position, which is to keep us stuck in our status quo, toward the new thought processes required for us to achieve and maintain our desired outcomes.

#1 – Don’t bother using “have to” statements on yourself. The subconscious mind will not be bullied! Remember, it’s a 20 million to 40 fight… you cannot win by trying to force your subconscious mind into submission. As soon as you become distracted or stressed-out, you’ll find yourself reverting immediately to your former status quo. Instead, when we say, “I choose to…” and reinforce it with positive attitudes and actions for long enough, the subconscious comes around.

#2 – Respect the invisible part of yourself that is driving 90% of your behavior. Talk to it with respect, as if asking a Prime Minister for assistance instead of demanding it of him.

#3 – Reject worry. Plainly state, “Worry is my prayer partner. I never engage worry directly, but rather walk her into the presence of God. God and I discuss her and then I leave her with Him as I go about my day in peace.”

Since the subconscious mind simply receives, digests and gives back the result of the thoughts fed it by the conscious mind, it is imperative that we keep our thoughts in check!

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Conflict Resolution

15 Aug

Join me live online
Thursday, August 16
3-4 PM Central Time
Relationship Coaching
with my special guest
Dr. Kay Julien

Download Your Training Notes Here

Click HERE to Listen Live or call 646-727-2510.

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L.I.F.T. – Linked In, Facebook & Twitter

3 Aug

Do you want to host a fun social networking event for your group in 2013? I’m currently booking LIFT events.

LIFT: Linked In Facebook & Twitter

Social Networking Training EventAn evening event might look like this:
7:00-7:45 – How to Succeed Using LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
7:45-8:30 – Refreshments & Mini-Concert by Marnie
8:30-9:00 – Speed Networking: Meet New Friends

A Saturday morning might run like this:
10:00-10:40 – Welcome & Brunch
10:40-11:00 – Mini Concert & Inspirational Message from Marnie
11:00-11:30 – Speed Networking
11:30-12:00 – How to Succeed Using LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

Why Invite Marnie?
As the online mentor to over 12,000 leaders from 30 countries, I share my B.U.S.Y. – Best Unique Strategies for You in the 12 life zones one of which is “Connections.” I invest 15 strategic minutes per day into my social networking and enjoy immense satisfaction and joy from this involvement. I train best practices and love meeting “friends” and “followers” in person at events like this.

View Schedule.
Contact us online or by phone (877-77-HOW-TO / 877-774-6986).

Note: Want to see a similar event live? Join me in Minneapolis on Friday, September 21 for “Event Planner’s Bootcamp.”

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How to Get Your Busy Self Organized – Part II

30 Jul

There are a thousand things you can do to get organized now, but the following four lay the critical groundwork for your organizational success.

1. Identify your organizational style and its weakness. In their book, “How to be Organized in Spite of Yourself: Time and Space Management that Works with Your Personal Style” by Sunny Schlenger and Roberta Roesch, they describe five time management styles:

  • The Hopper. Fast mover. Gets tons done, but often loses focus due to quick switches between tasks.
  • The Perfectionist Plus. Awesome final product, but has difficulty distinguishing between valuable and less-valuable uses of time.
  • Allergic to Detail. Thinks about the big picture and new ideas, but often refuses to take the necessary actions to make progress toward them.
  • The Fence Sitter. Perches where she can see both sides of any issue. Great perspective but often results in indecision vs. action.
  • The Cliff Hanger. Thrives on adrenaline, deadlines, and external pressure and has a hard time doing necessary mundane tasks.

2. Embrace your motivational uniqueness:

  • Do you perform best first thing in the morning? Tackle your biggest projects then.
  • Maybe you prefer to pick the low-lying fruit first and  leave climbing the ladder of success until later in the day? Whichever works for you is your best scheduling approach.
  • As a natural-born organizer, I journal out all my projects for the day, week, etc, then estimate the amount of time each will take and its deadline, and finally organize them into a prioritized order. I usually do them in order, because that’s how my brain works best.

3. Find the scheduling tool that works best for you:

  • I use a combination of Google Calendar and Both can be accessed from any computer and by any person with permission. This enables my staff at the store, the restaurant, the websites PLUS family, media and event planners to self-book appointments with me within the parameters I set.
  • You might choose to use Outlook, a master calendar in the office or kitchen, an app on your iPod or whatever. The key is to find a system that you a) will use and b) is sophisticated enough to actually allow you to succeed. (ie – mine combines the ability to tap into my address book from the calendar, so I don’t have to take that extra step).

4. Improve your daily routine. I don’t mean that every day will be exactly the same, but every day should have some basic components. It already does! For example, every day, sometime or several times during the day, you eat, brush your teeth, look a mirror, answer your phone, get the mail, etc. There are several things even the most unorganized person does routinely. Your goal is to increase the number of those things until you get unstuck and back on top of your game. Some suggestions include:

  • Set aside 10-60 minutes a day for personal development through reading, solitude, meditation and prayer.
  • Build some exercise into your life. If you are truly strapped for time, buy a kettlebell. This entire body workout can be done in one to three minutes.
  • Add thanksgiving to every day. Verbalizing gratitude for what you DO have increases joy, creativity and productivity while decreases angst and feelings of sadness.
  • Celebrate the wins. When you finish a 3 minute kettlebell workout, say, “That felt great!” Don’t wait until you lose 10 pounds, celebrate positive actions vs. only final outcomes.

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Get Your Busy Self Organized, Part I – The Benefits

27 Jul

The wheels of a car stuck in the mud can busily spin forever without making any progress. In fact, the longer they spin out, the more stuck the car gets.busy getting unstuck

Super busy people often get “stuck” in a rut, working harder and harder, only to find they are getting further and further behind.

In my next post I’ll explain “how” to get your busy self organized, but here I just want to give you the main benefits of taking positive organizational action now.

1. Gain time. Most time management gurus agree that you can save 10+ hours a week simply by getting your organizational act together.
2. Reduce stress. When you are spinning in the mud, even the simplest additional requirement (like, turn left) seems overwhelming.
3. Regain life balance. Sometimes just one wheel is flat or stuck, but it’s impeding progress or throwing the entire vehicle out of balance.
4. Enjoy time with family and friends. Being preoccupied with too many things to do robs you of the ability to enjoy the moment.
5. Save money. Disorganization results in unnecessary spending because you re-buy items you can’t find or you go out to eat instead of making a healthier and less-expense home cooked meal.
6. Increase your earning capacity. Who would you pay more? The person who could get twice as much done as everyone else or the average performer?
7. Have more energy. Being stuck results in standing still. You may be busy spinning your wheels, but you’re not creating energy, you’re only using it up.
8. Be more flexible. When a car is in motion, moving forward, it’s easy to turn. A stuck vehicle is nearly impossible to turn. You’ll find you have a much greater ability to flex once you are unstuck and on your organized way.
9. Sleep better. Once your mind is no longer juggling a “million things to do,” you’ll be able to relax and sleep.
10. Be a great role model. Your neices, nephews, kids and grandkids are all watching you. What is your life teaching them today?

Watch for Part II – “The Steps to Getting Your Busy Self Organized” coming Monday, July 30th.

Also, if you haven’t taken my Time Management Course yet, do that now! It’s my gift to you!

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Self Coaching: 4 Key Mindsets

25 Jul

Here are the top 4 keys to success no matter what obstacles you are facing. If you can get yourself to habitually practice these four things, you will find yourself a long way toward success in every area of your life!

#1 – Maintain a 3:1 ratio: Three positive thoughts for every one negative.
It’s not safe, wise or healthy to ignore bad news, impending doom or even minor set-backs. It is far worse, however, to focus on them as the only facts in play. Instead, when you think about a downer, deal with quickly it and then revert to upward thoughts. In this way, you will not slip hopelessly into the slimy pit of despair.

#2 – Focus on “what to do about it” instead of the problem.
Every minute you waste bemoaning your situation is a minute you could have spent working toward a positive resolution. Allow yourself to focus on the problem only long enough to understand it. Use the rest of your energy solving it.

#3 – Avoid “have to” language.
As long as you “have to” do something, you probably won’t. You really aren’t yet “ready” to do it. And, if can get yourself to do it, you probably won’t enjoy it. Instead, work to change your perspective so that you actually “want to” or “get to” do it. A step toward this goal is to use “I choose” language vs. “I must, I need to, or I should.”

#4 – Be present and have faith.
It is a fact that “in this very moment” you have everything you need. Most fear, worry and hopelessness stems from predicting future doom and destruction. Instead, remember the words of the prophet Isaiah and have hope! “Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18-19

And, if you are really serious about setting yourself up for major success, tap into Success Principles Intensive, on sale now at 90% off!

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Too Busy to Succeed? Think Again!

23 Jul

No one is too busy to succeed! In fact, success can be yours by the time you go to bed tonight. No kidding! My goal is to help you shorten the distance between stuck and unstuck in every area of your life. The first step is to understand the God-given laws of success. Once you’ve got a firm foundation, you’ll be unstoppable!

Busy Getting Unstuck FasterJust how much longer are you going to stay stuck and discontent with your life? Isn’t it about time you start taking action? Right now, today, you can tap into the entire “Success Principles Intensive Coach Certification Program” at 90% OFF! This online audio program with worksheets will take you from confused to clear in 6 hours flat, guaranteed!

Plus, when you buy today, you get lifetime access to 100% of the individual training modules I do with experts (past, present and future), so you can further shore up any areas of weakness any time you have time.

Training Modules Include:
Life, Wife & Motherhood
How To Be a Speaker
How To Be Published
Media Training
Business Management Module
Event Planner Training Module
Women’s Ministry Training

1. Go to: Marnie’s Mentorship Program.
2. Select “Today’s Sale – 90% OFF.”
3. Enjoy the full Certification Program PLUS all seven training modules for life for just $97. Act now, before you forget!

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