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Speakers: Get More Bookings

25 Jul

Join me and Sheila live Thursday, July 26 online at Marnie’s Friends for this one hour training during which you will learn:

1. The key ingredient to getting booked to speak at churches.
2. The #1 mistake most speakers make.
3. The golden key of follow-up.
4. The rules of engagement multiplication: Turning one engagement into twenty.
5. The best place for a new speaker to start.
6. Where to concentrate if you want to be strategic in your speaking.
7. How to determine a marketing budget.
8. The book deal: Do you really need one to get hired to speak?
9. Understanding the effect of the Internet on the business and ministry of speaking.

Remember, if you miss it, you can always catch it in the archive (free for 4 weeks and then in the membership zone after that!).

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Busy? Learn How to Create a Good Pitch Fast!

18 Jul

speed networkingI’ll be the guest speaker at a speed networking event for busy internet marketers (Mpls, MN) in a few weeks and have been re-thinking my “pitch” — you know, that 30 second blurb that helps others understand who you are, what you do and why they might care. Tomorrow, join me and Lisa B. Marshall for a live, online, hour-long training during which you will actually write your pitch plus learn:

  1. The purpose of a good pitch.
  2. The components of a good pitch.
  3. How to practice your pitch.
  4. How to modify your pitch.

Download the Training Notes Here.

Here’s my “rough draft” pitch going into tomorrow’s training:

“Hi! I’m Marnie Swedberg. I mentor thousands of leaders from over 30 countries via my online mentorship program, live presentations and Google #1-ranked websites. I’m a media expert and speaker, an author, trainer and group coach in the 12 life zones. Mostly, I help goal-getters get unstuck fast in order to get back on track. You can learn about it all at my website at”

I’ll be curious to see how Lisa “reworks it” during the live show on Thursday. When you get your pitch polished, post it below and we’ll provide feedback!

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Radio Interview: What To Do Before You Get on the Radio

23 Feb

The most frequently overlooked opportunity by inexperienced media guests is the ability to maximize your radio interview as a platform for marketing yourself or your services in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Instead, most guests place all of their hope and expectation on the instant reaction of their target audience once they get on the radio.

While you must aim for immediate success with your live audience during your radio interview, you also need to make sure that your listeners have the chance to see you, think of you and buy from you before, during and after your on-air minutes.

Anytime you are booked to get on the radio or to do a TV, news, blog or magazine interview, you have been gifted with numerous publicity opportunities, many of which occur prior to the radio interview or publication date.

Radio InterviewWhile your actual appearance is important, of course, there are priceless days between the date you confirm the booking and the official date you get on the radio show.

Traditional stations neither charge you, nor pay you to appear on their show. It is a mutually beneficial exchange in which both parties receive value. Yet, if you were to take advantage of one of the many shows that do offer paid placement, you’d pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a five minute segment, depending on the market.

What is important to understand is that your show appearance, as valuable as it is, is not the most important thing that is happening here. It is just the tip of the marketing iceberg.

Following is a list of marketing activities you can do before your radio interview to maximize your media appearance.

1. Involve your social networks. As soon as you are booked, invite your connections to enjoy your news. Post a note like: “Celebrate with me! Just got booked by CNBC to do a segment on Busy Women. So honored!” You can bet that a comment like that will generate questions about how, when, where and what.
2. Create at least one blog post about your upcoming appearance. If you have a chatty-style blog, provide the details about how you got invited, when you go, etc. If you have an information-type blog, post new segments featuring your expanded talk points. You cannot possibly give all the details in a short radio interview. Give the rest of the facts, in advance, on your blog, then drive radio listeners to your site.
3. Add a sign-up option. If you don’t already have a way for guests to your site to register their email address with you, do that now! Once listeners arrive at your site, you want to make a life-long friend! To do so, you need their email information. The best way to get this is to provide a free report about the topic you will be sharing on the air. Use notes from your blog to generate this report and give it away to any one who gives you their email address.
4. Write an article. Once you’ve created your report, you are in a great position to reformat it and send it off to your favorite ezine, magazine or online article site. In the report and article, do not mention the radio interview and be sure to format it according to the appropriate submission guidelines.
5. Send an email blast out to your list. Before the show, on the day of the show and following the show, let your list know what’s going on. Keep your messages short and focused on the subject of your upcoming appearance. (ie – The first paragraph can touch on the interview details followed by one paragraph about how they can access your new book, new service or coaching expertise. Shorter is better.)
6. Post updates to your social networks. Mention any interesting aspects of your preparation, like: “Gearing up: Just booked my flight for my CNBC appearance on 3/10 about Super Busy Women.“ Remember: The average social network member has under 200 connections. Most only dream of having the opportunity you now describe. They are interested in the process, and in you, which is why they allowed the connection.
7. Prepare. If you haven’t already taken soundbite training, do it now at Be sure you are ready to maximize your radio interview minutes. So many guests finally get on the air, only to flounder and fail. Don’t be one of them!
8. Be a pro. Let the facts be the facts, so your followers, interviewer and listening audience can relax and enjoy you. Anytime you stretch the truth, make up facts or boast about yourself, you lose friends… on and off the air.
9. Mention it. In conversation, people often ask about our current projects or activities. When they ask you, mention your upcoming radio interview. They want to know! They need something fun to talk about with their co-workers at the water cooler tomorrow or at the park with their play group. Be the hot topic they can’t wait to share. As in your email, share a bit about the interview followed by an elevator pitch about your area of expertise.

A radio interview provides the opportunity for you to focus wandering minds on your uniquely powerful approach to a problem or concern many people face. You are the expert. You or your resources are available every single day to help them solve their problems, not just the few minutes you are on the air. You are always there.

Use the “news” about your upcoming radio interview to remind people of your availability and resources. It is fair, fun and financially rewarding. Plus, your family, friends, fans and followers will feel honored to get sneak peeks into this exciting part of your life.

Press Release: Speaker Training – 5 Keys to Increase Visibility and Bookings

4 Feb

Getting speaking engagements in the Christian market, churches and at faith-based organizations is getting increasingly competitive, according to new findings by, the largest online directory of Christian women speakers in the world.

“There are lots of speakers available to planners, but there is a trend toward booking from inside the organization instead of hiring out,” said Marnie Swedberg, speaker trainer and web hostess of “Motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and women Christian speakers who want to stay busy and booked need a strategic plan.”

The great news is that there are still tens of thousands of speaking engagements being awarded to outside speakers each year. Those who are strategic about their positioning will secure the most bookings.

“Getting prime visibility online is key,” said Swedberg. “Also, speakers need to increase their media value, improve their presentation skills and try to get a book written and published in their own field of expertise. These are the ways to increase your chances at being chosen to speak at events, meetings and conferences.”

Swedberg offers five tips that motivational speakers, inspirational speakers and business speakers need to address to get more speaking engagements.

1. Be everywhere. When your name comes up as a potential speaker, how easy is it for a meeting planner, event organizer or speaker bureau to find you? Do they already have your one sheet? Have they received an email from you in the past six months? If they do a Google search, will they see your home page or a glowing media article about you at the top of the results page? Or will they see your competitors’ sites? One proven way to get found on search engines is to register with reputable online directories like

2. Be Internet and media friendly. Once a meeting planner, event organizer or speaker bureau finds your website, how easy is it for them to find your media page? Make it super easy to find and download your topics, media/speaking experience, demo clips, full color professional photo and contact information. Planners, media producers and speaker agents are super busy. They don’t have time to hunt for the information they need.

3. Be hot on the spot. During your first interaction with people — by phone, on the stage, or in an elevator — speak in sound bites that make every minute matter. For example, when you hit the stage, you have 90 seconds to make an impression. You must communicate: “I am your partner. I respect your time. I am prepared. I empathize with you.” You have mere minutes to focus wandering minds, gain the audience’s commitment to stay involved and generate group laughter. There is a free training on how to speak in sound bites available at

4. Be well-referenced. We live in a society that requires social evidence before people will believe anything. Use your LinkedIn profile to easily capture letters of recommendation. There’s an easy way to do this. Write a recommendation for your connections whenever you have something genuinely complimentary to communicate. The LinkedIn system automatically asks the recipient to respond in kind. Many people do. Since these quotes are intended for public view, there is no need for additional permissions. Plus, you have instant access to their professional title and photo. Marnie’s free resource, SANE: Social Networking Success in 15 Minutes a Day, explains how even the busiest speakers can find time to drum up business in this manner.

5. Be published. It is common knowledge that published authors get booked for more paid speaking engagements than those who have yet to publish a book. The simplicity with which one can be published is a much better kept secret. Marnie’s book, eBooks: Idea to Amazon in 14 Days, outlines the steps she took to move an idea from her client to the Kindle store in 14 days and into paperback version on Amazon in just 14 additional days.

About Marnie Swedberg

Author, speaker and experienced media guest Marnie Swedberg is web hostess of the largest online directory of Christian Women Speakers in the world, featuring over 1,400 speakers. She developed this site to serve the thousands of women’s ministry leaders in her mentorship program at She is the author of the book series “The Marnie Method for Super Busy Women,” and the host of “Marnie’s Friends,” an online radio talk show providing practical, doable, fast and effective solutions to the challenges busy women face every day.

For information, go to

Michele Reynolds

Speaking Fees

28 Jan

What is a typical speakers fee? How much should you charge?

According to Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, there is no national list or organization that posts speakers rates. She says, “People get paid for what they say, how and where they say it, and sometimes just for who they are. Speakers can earn anything from $25 on up to $100,000 for the top celebrity of the moment.”

As a speaker myself, and in working with thousands of event planners and speakers over the years, I know that many church groups are mentally not prepared to pay a speaker. They are used to hosting “in-house” speakers, gals who attend their own church or are missionaries in whom their church has invested. These speakers provide presentations at no cost, as it should be, because, basically, they are family. They are involved in a mutually beneficial relationship, thus a fee is over-the-top.

But, when a church brings in a speaker from the outside, they should pay her. One idea is ask the committee to add $1 or $3 per person to ticket price or suggested donation, to pay for her travel and time.

No matter how you slice the pie, when speaking at smaller church events, you will always be doing it for love and not money! Having said that, here is my best advice for answering the scary question, “How much do you charge?”

1) Decide how much you need.
Are you earning your livelihood from speeches? If so, and you take an engagement that doesn’t pay, you may have to pass up an engagement that does. Think about this in advance, because you will need to honor your commitment, no matter what else comes along. How many paying engagements, at what rate, do you need? Can you afford to do some pro bona (free) engagements?

2) Who is paying your fee?
If you try to charge a church a corporate fee, you’ll offend people. Every market sector has its own standards for engaging and paying speakers. Even within a sector, working with a small group for a local event is radically different than working with a team who is planning a convention or national conference.

3) Do you have multiple stream of income?
Book authors, professional service providers and others often earn far more from secondary income streams than from their speaking fees. Many such speakers accept engagements for free or low fees in exchange for the opportunity to meet that audience in person.

4) What is your experience level?
When you are just starting out, I encourage you to speak for free for a while. You can learn, polish and improve very fast if you are willing to do this! Consider it an educational expense. If you went to college to learn public speaking, you’d be spending $12,000-$30,000 a year for that education.

Having said all this, when I am personally asked, “How much do you charge?” my standard answer is usually the same. I say, “I try to be as flexible as possible. How much did you pay your speaker last year?” or, conversely, “How much do you usually pay speakers? If at all possible, I would like to work within your budget.”


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Easily Obtain Quotes & References!

24 Jan

Social evidence is absolutely required by today’s savvy Internet shoppers. Whether you are promoting a business, a new book or your own speaking availability, you need your web pages and marketing pieces sprinkled generously with glowing reviews, but you don’t have to go begging for quotes and references any more!.

Email is the old standard and it still works like a charm, but social networking sites provide far faster and less painful “collection” options than even email. Here are a few super simple suggestions for starters:

1) At, get in the habit of giving compliments (quotables) anytime you can sincerely do so. Imagine your words appearing on someone else’s marketing materials, and make them that good! (Again, of course, only if you truly mean it!) The beauty of doing this at LinkedIn, as opposed to other social networking sites, is that the person you recommended in automatically “prompted” to give you a return quote, if they so desire. Sometimes they do, making it unnecessary for you to even ask.

2) At, send an email request to some friends who have benefited from that specific aspect of your life/work. My son, Mark, is starting a personal fitness coaching business. His well-written email generated several outstanding quotes from former members of teams he has coached.

The beauty of capturing reference letters and quotes from social networking sites is that a) you have permission without asking for it (since anything posted at these sites is free to use, with credit given) and b) you have access to the referrer’s photo, and posting that adds even greater value to the quote.

Hope this helps! Happy reference hunting!


Branding Like the Big Boys with Laura Lopez

7 Jul
laura lopez, branding with the big boys Join me and Laura Lopez

Thursday, July 8th

1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET

on Blog Talk Radio

or at (646) 727-2510

Download the training notes HERE.

Do you need branding advice? Laura is an expert in branding and marketing. As a former VP of Marketing at Coca-Cola, she has traditional experience, and as an award-winning author, trainer and speaker, she has applied those concepts more broadly. Join us for an hour of training that can help you move from where you are to where you want to go.

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The Power of Stories & How to Share Yours

18 Jun
Join me and story writers,
Mary Daniels & Katt Perry

Thursday, June 24th

1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET

on Blog Talk Radio

or at (646) 727-2510

Click here for Training notes.

mary daniels
Katt Perry Mary Daniels

Do you write stories? Do you wish more people could read them or hear you tell them? Tune in as story tellers Katthryn Neff Perry and Mary Daniels share some story-sharing strategies that you could use to increase your sphere of influence.

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The Art of Leadership Reproduction

1 Jun
Developing Leaders from Within
Tristie Fisher is convinced that every person has strengths that can be developed! We will discuss how to create vision and enthusiasm in your people. Every person is fulfilled and encouraged when they feel valued and equipped! Join us for this hour of fun and functional instruction for leaders.

Thursday, June 3rd
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET

on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Download the Training Notes HERE.

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The Heart & Soul of Remarkable Leadership

25 May

What Makes Leaders Great?
It’s Not What You May Think. Join us…
Thursday, May 27th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Click here for training notes

Dr. Keith Merron shares insights he gained while conducting in-depth interviews with 36 extraordinary leaders for his book, “The Golden Flame.” His surprising results reveal that remarkable leaders share characteristics that spring from deep within.

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