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How Marnie Invites Expo Guests

12 Jan

First and foremost, you are most likely to be “found” and thus have the chance to be invited if you follow the steps posted below. This is how 75% of our guests are selected.

The other 25% of our guests are found through targeted keyword searches at a), b) or c)

The key to being found in these queries is to be a highly visible expert in your field.  Thus, out of all the people who are vying for top spot, you get it, because you deserve it.  Landing this position in search results requires a lifetime, pro-active approach to your topic.

By following the steps below, you increase your chances of “being found” exponentially. However, your goal is most like to be found by more than just us! In the long run, you need to become “the expert” in your specific niche.  When someone is looking for a guest on that topic, they should see you everywhere – Google, LinkedIn and It all works together.

Pick Me! Pick Me!

#1 – Become a Facebook or Twitter party hostess at an upcoming expo. Be a pro communicator there first.
#2 – Develop your expertise, examples and topic until you become a published professional in at least one of the 12 life zones.
#3 – Pitch your training topic to our weekly radio talk show, Marnie’s Friends. To succeed at this stage, first study the Show Guidelines. Scroll to the bottom for guidelines.
#4 – If you get invited, over prepare. Put together excellent talk points, learn to speak in sound bites, practice your illustrative stories, take Media Training. It is important that you do a great job on this interview, even if it is your first. We rarely host the same guest twice, so this is a one-shot deal.
#5 – If you show up professionally and provide quality material delivered with polish, you will automatically be considered for upcoming expos.

As a mentor, I don’t just “host a radio show” or “host expos,” I mentor everyone with whom I work. My goal for you is manifold. I exist to:

  • encourage you
  • train and equip you
  • connect you
  • promote you and then
  • launch you out onto your own

The most blessed stage of my work is when I get to sit back and watch you surpass me in skill, influence and delight in life.

Thank you for the opportunity to sow into your life and ministry. It’s my honor!

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L.I.F.T. – Linked In, Facebook & Twitter

3 Aug

Do you want to host a fun social networking event for your group in 2013? I’m currently booking LIFT events.

LIFT: Linked In Facebook & Twitter

Social Networking Training EventAn evening event might look like this:
7:00-7:45 – How to Succeed Using LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
7:45-8:30 – Refreshments & Mini-Concert by Marnie
8:30-9:00 – Speed Networking: Meet New Friends

A Saturday morning might run like this:
10:00-10:40 – Welcome & Brunch
10:40-11:00 – Mini Concert & Inspirational Message from Marnie
11:00-11:30 – Speed Networking
11:30-12:00 – How to Succeed Using LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

Why Invite Marnie?
As the online mentor to over 12,000 leaders from 30 countries, I share my B.U.S.Y. – Best Unique Strategies for You in the 12 life zones one of which is “Connections.” I invest 15 strategic minutes per day into my social networking and enjoy immense satisfaction and joy from this involvement. I train best practices and love meeting “friends” and “followers” in person at events like this.

View Schedule.
Contact us online or by phone (877-77-HOW-TO / 877-774-6986).

Note: Want to see a similar event live? Join me in Minneapolis on Friday, September 21 for “Event Planner’s Bootcamp.”

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Speakers: Get More Bookings

25 Jul

Join me and Sheila live Thursday, July 26 online at Marnie’s Friends for this one hour training during which you will learn:

1. The key ingredient to getting booked to speak at churches.
2. The #1 mistake most speakers make.
3. The golden key of follow-up.
4. The rules of engagement multiplication: Turning one engagement into twenty.
5. The best place for a new speaker to start.
6. Where to concentrate if you want to be strategic in your speaking.
7. How to determine a marketing budget.
8. The book deal: Do you really need one to get hired to speak?
9. Understanding the effect of the Internet on the business and ministry of speaking.

Remember, if you miss it, you can always catch it in the archive (free for 4 weeks and then in the membership zone after that!).

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Busy? Learn How to Create a Good Pitch Fast!

18 Jul

speed networkingI’ll be the guest speaker at a speed networking event for busy internet marketers (Mpls, MN) in a few weeks and have been re-thinking my “pitch” — you know, that 30 second blurb that helps others understand who you are, what you do and why they might care. Tomorrow, join me and Lisa B. Marshall for a live, online, hour-long training during which you will actually write your pitch plus learn:

  1. The purpose of a good pitch.
  2. The components of a good pitch.
  3. How to practice your pitch.
  4. How to modify your pitch.

Download the Training Notes Here.

Here’s my “rough draft” pitch going into tomorrow’s training:

“Hi! I’m Marnie Swedberg. I mentor thousands of leaders from over 30 countries via my online mentorship program, live presentations and Google #1-ranked websites. I’m a media expert and speaker, an author, trainer and group coach in the 12 life zones. Mostly, I help goal-getters get unstuck fast in order to get back on track. You can learn about it all at my website at”

I’ll be curious to see how Lisa “reworks it” during the live show on Thursday. When you get your pitch polished, post it below and we’ll provide feedback!

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Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Booking & Hosting Your Guest Speaker

30 Dec

When you know your event parameters, you are ready to invite your speaker(s). Ideally, you should have 6 weeks to 18 months to pull your event together, but it can be done in as little as a few weeks. Scheduling considerations include:

• Existing events on the church schedule
• Facility availability
• Guest speaker availability
• Fundraising requirements
• Conflicting city-wide events of interest to attendees (visit your Chamber of Commerce website)

Once you have a ball-park date range for your event, book your guest speaker(s).

If your event depends on the availability of a particular speaker, start by contacting the speaker for a list of available dates. From your options, select the date(s) that best fit your parameters.

To secure a speaker:

  • Personalize a phone or email invitation.
  • Pitch it.
  • Wait for a response.

Now is the time to start a Speaker Tracking Chart. This way, over the months and years, you will have a good record of who you’ve invited that might be a good option for another event. When you hear back from any speaker or booking agent, add the speaker to this list. This is your “working” list. It is an at-a-glance management tool that insures each step of the process occurs in the right order and only once.

Once you have confirmed the details, prepare to care for your guest speaker(s). Either recruit an speaker shepherd (sample instructions) or see to the speaker’s needs yourself, but be sure it gets done.

One appreciative speaker, who had been spoiled all day by a speaker shepherd I’d recruited, recently confided that it was unusual for anyone to think of her needs at all, let alone for her to have one person dedicated to that task.

Ideally, have the speaker’s remuneration ready to give her before she leaves, but either way, within 2 weeks of your event, follow-up by sending the speaker a thank you note along with any outstanding remuneration, copies of evaluations, comments overheard about the speaker’s presentations and so on.

One of the hardest times for speakers and event planners are immediately following an event. Reach out to each other at this time of decompression and watch God turn a typically low time into a season of celebration.

Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Selecting Your Ideal Guest Speaker

29 Dec

Before you invite a speaker, there are a few critical things you should ask about:

1. What is her statement of faith? Does it match yours?
2. What are her motivational gifts? For example, a speaker with a powerful altar ministry may be one group’s “best speaker ever” and another group’s nightmare.
3. What is her presentation style? Is she loud and dynamic, soft spoken, humorous or deep? All of these have a place, but not necessarily at your event.

Before you can clearly identify what “she” needs to be, you’ll have to define what you need:

  • Is your event mostly for fun and fellowship? You’ll need an enthusiastic speaker with a sense of humor.
  • Is it a spiritual renewal weekend? You’ll need theologically sound teaching balanced with personal stories, humor, and a listening pray-er.
  • Are you hosting a Ladies Night Out? Find a speaker who can match an encouraging Scriptural challenge to the interesting hobby/craft everyone will learn that night. Or, invite a speaker who can do both: teach a useful skill and provide spiritual wealth.

Once you have clearly defined your event’s parameters you will be able to select the right speaker to make it happen.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss how to book and host your speaker, but for now, spend time establishing your event goals. My eBook, Retreats Made Easy is a 2-hour project guide resulting in a retreat plan, committee outline, operational budget and speaker parameters. It’s $18.95 alone or part of the mentorship program at

Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Creative Ways to Raise Speaker Fees, Honorariums & Travel Expenses

28 Dec

You may be asking, “How much does the average speaker get paid?” Sorry, but there is no such number.

  1. Businesses budget for speakers. They pay speakers a set fee. They have fees for presentations, full-day in-house trainings, monthly meetings, quarterly events and annual conventions. These can vary within the same business by thousands of dollars.
  2. Organizations and clubs have rules, speaker guidelines and some pay, some don’t.
  3. Churches and Women’s Ministry groups pay anywhere from zero to thousands of dollars, depending on the group and guest.
  4. A one-time, 15 minute talk is radically different than a weekend retreat where the guest speaks four times.

Most speakers have an idea of what they need and most groups have an idea of what they are used to paying. Somewhere in the middle, the two meet.

From yesterday, remember the motto I hope you’ll adopt:

“We generously support our guest speakers financially
to the exact degree God enables us.”

Let’s say that the guest speaker you decide you want to bring in actually needs more than your budget allows.  Here are some of the creative fundraisers I’ve heard about at

  • Add $1-10 per ticket to cover the speaker’s expenses. One group budgets 50% of the total intake for the speaker (so they can fly someone in and pay her).
  • Take a love offering.
  • Host a fundraiser before or even during the event: a rummage sale, silent auction, craft sale, etc.
  • Ask for donations from local businesses in exchange for a mention in the program or a coupon in the gift bags.
  • Ask for sponsors who pay a certain amount and then enjoy a private dinner or backstage chat with the speaker before the event begins.
  • Host a concession stand serving bottled water, fresh fruit and granola bars.
  • Pre-sell and host a table at the event where she can sell her books, CDs, etc. as the income from these helps offset her expenses.

These are some of the ideas I’ve heard of from planners and speakers at If you’ve done or heard of any others, add them in a comment below for the benefit of all!

Tomorrow we’ll discuss booking and hosting tips.

God bless & see you then!

Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Speaker Fees, Honariums & Expenses

27 Dec

As connects over 10,000 women’s ministry leaders and 1,600 Christian women speakers, each connection is unique.

As you book your speakers for 2012, here is the standard I hope you will adopt:

“We generously support our guest speakers financially
to the exact degree God enables us.”
How Much to Pay Guest Speaker

How Much to Pay Guest Speaker

The speakers at are amazingly willing and eager to come to you. They WANT to work within your budget! But, having said that, here is the speaker’s reality:

  • For every minute she is traveling to you, with you, or traveling home, her family misses her and her husband feels her absence.
  • During every hour she spends preparing her talk(s), she is your responsibility. She is neither earning money nor serving others while she serves you.
  • Every moment she spends praying for your women, she is not praying for her family, her friends, or others.
  • Upon returning home, she will need to bring a gift or provide payment to those who helped care for her children while she  was with you.
  • When considering whether he can afford to let his wife take future engagements, a wise husband must take into account the family finances.

Tomorrow we’ll explore creative ways to find funds to pay for guest speakers, but for today, suffice it to say that speakers should not be “paid” for the number of minutes they stand on your platform. They are on your clock during every conversation, email, meeting, prayer time, preparation time, travel and on-premise. Ask God to help you know how to honor her according to the Biblical examples in I Timothy 5:18, Galatians 6:6 and Luke 10:7.

And, as we go through these 5 days of Women’s Ministry Training, I’m praying with you that God will not only lead you to precisely the right speakers, but will also provide exactly the right honorarium for each.

God bless & see you tomorrow!

PS – Do you know a good Women’s Ministry  speaker who is not currently listed at Tell her about it and encourage her to add her contact information. Both free and paid listings are available.

Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Speaker Acquisition

26 Dec

As I facilitate connections between over 10,000 women’s ministry leaders and 1,600 Christian women speakers via my website at, I see it all! Just as your women’s ministry is unique, having it’s own DNA and God-originated vision, so who you host as guest speakers and how you host them will be unique.

  • Some women’s ministries bring in one speaker a year while others host 8-20.
  • Some women’s ministry groups have a set speaker honorarium, some add $2-10/ticket for the speaker, and others take up a love offering.
  • Some WM’s rely on the speaker to provide everything for the event while others give her 15-30 minutes total.

Since January is the #1 search month for speakers, during which receives thousands of extra website hits compared to the other months of the year, I’m going to spend the next 5 days helping you think through your speaker acquisition strategy for 2012.

Find a speaker for my Women's Ministry Event, Retreat, Conference, Luncheon

Find a speaker for my Women's Ministry Event, Retreat, Conference, Luncheons

Tip #1. Get clear about what you need the speaker to provide. For example:

  • Do you want to bring in a speaker with a pre-set topic, like the title of her most recent book, or would you prefer to set your own theme direction and then search for a speaker able to support it? Decide about this before you start selecting speakers.

  • Does she need to be well-known or will just as many guests come if they don’t recognize her name? Well-known speakers are pricey and must be booked 1-3 years in advance whereas lesser-known speakers are often just as good or better, but don’t charge as much and can be booked with much less notice.
  • Does she need to be a singer, worship leader or skit-actress as well as a speaker?
  • Will she be presenting to a large auditorium full of women, in a classroom setting or over a meal? All these things make a difference.

As you go through the next few days of Women’s Ministry Training, I’ll be praying with you that the parameters you establish will be used by God to lead you to exactly the right speakers for your 2012 events.

God bless & see you tomorrow!

PS – Women’s Ministry Leaders and Event Planners search for free and contact the speakers directly. there are no middle men and no wait. Just browse anytime you have time and contact the speakers directly.

Talk Like a Pro!

6 Sep

I. Media Training, Weds, Sept. 7
II. Conflict Resolution Training, Thursday, Sept. 8
III. Personal Note from Marnie


I. Media Training Wednesday, Sept 7

Speaking succinctly isn’t only for media guests
anymore. As people get busier, they need you
to respect their time by saying it faster…
whatever it is!

Improve your communication by
tapping into this FREE online
training offered by media trainer and
former Oprah guest booker, Susan Harrow:

Speaking in Sound Bites:
90 Minutes of Expert Advice

Wednesday, September 7
11 AM Pacific
Noon Mountain
1 PM Central
2 PM Eastern

Save your seat at

II. Conflict Resolution Training Thursday

Do you know that you can prevent many
conflicts before they start? Communication is key.

During Thursday’s training, Robert Moyers
shares the powerful “S.A.L.T.” method of
communication and how it can maximize
your relationships. Robert is a international
speaker, author, educator and public
relations professional.

Thursday, September 8, 2011
1-2 PM Pacific
2-3 PM Mountain
3-4 PM Central
4-5 PM Eastern

Listen Live at
or call 646-727-2510.

Download the Training Notes:


III. Personal Note from Marnie

One piece of modern advice that I routinely
reject is this: “Eliminate high-maintenance
people from your life and surround yourself
with positive people.”

Now, it is true, that I do not intentionally
surround myself with drama queens!
However, it is also true that I have some
challenging people in my life – and so do you!

Between our parents, siblings and extended family
members, plus our spouses, in-laws, children
and their offspring, we are going to have some
high maintenance people in our lives.

I propose that God places these people in our
lives to conform us to the image of Christ
(by allowing them to sand off some of our rough
spots) as well as to give us the opportunity to
pray for, provide physical support to and be a
visible testimony of Jesus’ love to them.

Next time you are tempted to terminate a
challenging relationship, remind yourself of
the love Jesus extends to you: He never
gives up on us, no matter how badly we
treat Him, ignore Him or give Him a bad name.

Amazing grace:
Receive it, extend it!

Loving Others with His Love,

PS – Planning a retreat during the next
12 months? Get Retreats Made Easy:


Connect Online at


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