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Enjoy Soulutions July Pink Sale!

2 Jul

The July

Sale Flier is now

available online at

Just in…
Over 1,000 Yards of
New Fabric
including beautiful
100% Cottons
for quilting.

Soulutions Today!

Soulutions & Over Coffee
112 North Main Avenue
Warroad, MN 56763


Hospitality Training: Bedside Manner and the Bottom Line

5 May

Restaurant Doctor, Bill Marvin Nobody gets up in the morning with a burning urge to do business with you, but you don’t have to be the best to be successful. During this hour, learn to differentiate between customer service and hospitality. Join us…

Thursday, May 6th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Click here for training notes

Known as The Restaurant Doctor, Bill Marvin helps independent restaurants put the hospitality back into the hospitality business … but his principles are equally applicable to any enterprise that wants to clearly stand out from the competition.

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Soulution’s May Yellow Sale

1 May

Click Poster to View Sale Flier
Warroad Sale May 2010

Soulutions for Your Hobby, Home & Heart
112 North Main Street
Warroad, Minnesota 56763
Open Monday – Saturday, 9 AM – 7 PM

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Soulutions Green Sale

1 Mar

Soulutions March GREEN Sale begins today!
Sales in every aisle. Hundreds of items on sale.
Click HERE to see flier.

Soulutions of Warroad

Soulutions Green Sale

On the Road Again

7 Dec

Warroad Gift

Dave & Marnie are traveling for a few days, visiting numerous vendors and the River of Goods Showroom. Watch for beautiful new items at Soulutions soon!

Soulutions, 112 N. Main, Warroad, MN 56763
Open M-Sat, 9 AM – 7 PM

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12 Days of Christmas at Soulutions

30 Nov
Soulutions Christmas Sale Click HERE to register for the FREE EMAIL UPDATES featuring the “12 Days of Christmas Soulutions” special offers. Something cool for you every day starting December 1st.

Click the photo at left to view the full sale flyer for the month of December…. amazing deals including a HUGE Toy Blow-Out Sale, plus 50% off all Christmas books, 25% off Christmas cards and dozens more sales to help you succeed and save this Christmas!

All at Soulutions – for your hobby, home and heart.

Confessions of a Small Town Retailer

13 Nov

The following is a copy of a letter to the editor, by my husband, David Swedberg, which ran in the Warroad Pioneer on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009.

Small Town Retailer, David Swedberg of Warroad, MN A few years back, I decided to own my own business because I loved the community and it was an opportunity to be my own boss. What started as a three month business turnaround project became a three year education. I am learning how little I know about economics.

As for being my own boss, I now realize I work for everyone who enters my store and I have learned to love it. I try to figure out what you will need a year in advance and then order, receive, stock, clean, count and charge you for it when you finally realize it was something you always wanted. On average, my products wait for your purchase for a year (I’m sorry) so I pay our local banks interest on this investment because you will need it. Most of the time I kid people that I really own a museum and sometimes sell some of my exhibits. A portion of the product is dated, so I regularly clearance price it at my expense when I didn’t sell it in time.

When I put a price on the product, I take many things into account. First, I really don’t do the work – I just pay bills, so I need to find, train and pay some of the nicest people I know that would want to help me do this. I don’t pay them much, but it adds 20% to the cost of my product. They help me more because they like you and enjoy seeing you and living in our community together. When I was purchasing the store, a banker asked me why I wanted to spend so much money to buy a $5/hour job – I thought he was kidding me. Anyways, this 20% is the best money I spend, paying my friends to work with me.

The next thing I add to the price of the product is the cost of my building. The mortgage with the local bank is eye-popping, especially when I talk with a realtor and realize no one would ever buy it because it is in the wrong location and in the wrong town. But it is a good building, and I hire many local craftsmen to help me remodel and repair it.

The City utilites are almost as much as the mortgage, and the ordinances say I am responsible for any injury on adjoining sidewalks, so I salt and shovel them diligently. I also purchase insurance, which I buy from a local agent, and use when my customers need it.

The cost of the product is certainly a large part of the price I put on it. I am so grateful when I see my salesmen and women, and many times I have to go to Minneapolis or out of state to meet them and hear them tell me what you will need next year. My account is small, so I have to pay for everything they tell me you will need and when I find out you really didn’t like or want it, I clearance price it at my expense or donate it to the local thrift store where you can get some really great deals.

My suppliers are the key to my success. My pet supplier is the most amazing guy I know. He has a full-time job to support his pet addiction (sort of like a farmer). He will go to Florida to find and tour fish farms where many of our fish are raised, and go to the airport in the dead of night when the fish arrive. He injects oxygen into the fish bags and drives hundreds of miles in some of the worst weather to deliver pets to Warroad. He is my best grief counselor, often comforting me when pets are unable to make it to your house alive. This is one of the hardest parts of the job and there is no insurance for these losses, so we work together to do whatever it takes to keep the pets healthy and disease free. It is silly, but the most satisfying part of my job is feeding pets – they appreciate it so much and I know they really do need me.

Oh well, I got sidetracked. One more large cost added into the price of my product is the transportation bill to get the product to Warroad. In most cases, it is 15% of the cost of the product, but when I order through my volume suppliers and use local trucking companies I can get it down to 7%. These guys are worth every penny of it, and I enjoy greeting the drivers everyday at my door. My dad was driver, and these guys make it possible for us to live on the edge of civilization.

To conclude, I confess you will pay for my product in Warroad – but I don’t think it is more than I paid. The nagging problem is that it is 5-10% less than what I spent getting it here for your convenience. I agree, it is something I control and when I don’t, the better store will win. It is the classic case of caught between a rock and hard place, and I don’t think I would have it any other way. I was never good at economics: I only wanted to live in Warroad.

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Fun Soulutions

6 Nov

Just in at Soulutions: Fun new plaques. My favorite? “If I Only Had a Brain!”

If I Only Had a Brain

Laurie’s favorite: “Nobody Knows What I Do Until I Don’t Do It!”
Dave’s favorite: “I Couldn’t Wait for Success, So I Went Ahead Without It!”

You might like the whimsical 6×28″ aqua/brown plaque that reads “Wish Upon a Star”.

Just in the Back Door… Over 100 boxes of new goods including lots of gifts
Just Ordered… 1000 yards of new ribbon, new beads and fun new engrave arts
Coming Next Week… hundreds of new scrapbooking stickers and supplies
Coming Soon… 1000 yards of new fabric including fleece, denim, cottons and more

Remember: Daily drawings during November for a FREE box of Christmas cards.

Click here to see all of the November Sales.

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Soulutions November Sales

3 Nov

NOVEMBER is the time to get your Christmas crafts and gifts underway! Soulutions is the best place on the northern border to find great gifts, craft supplies and discount deals during the entire month of November. Click HERE for the sale flyer.

November Warroad Soulutions Sales – FABRIC SALE: Half of the fabric in the store is on sale! Velvet, fleece, cotton flat folds, Christmas prints plus more!
– GIFT BASKET SALE: All Gift Basket Supplies are on sale 25% OFF (baskets, flowers, ribbon)
– CHRISTMAS CARD SALE: Get your Christmas cards now. 20% OFF all boxed cards, including Dayspring!
– NATIVITY SALE: Nativities at 25% OFF (excluding Willow Tree)
– THE GREEN SALE: Green category items 10% OFF
– STORE/BUSINESS EARLY DECOR SALE: All Christmas wreaths and garlands 25% OFF

Click HERE for the sale flyer.

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Att: Quilters

7 Oct
Quilters_CLC Quilters: Did you know that there is an Event/Retreat/Party Theme Development Set specifically for you? Just this week the Women’s Ministry from Camano Lutheran Church Women’s Ministry let me post their fun photos! Click HERE to check it out.
Are you a quilter or seamstress who lives near Soulutions (in Warroad, MN)? The “Sewing Machine  & Serger” man is coming!ONE DAY ONLY
Friday, October 9, 2009
10AM – 5 PM

If you are even remotely interested in getting a new machine or having your current machine repaired, see the front page of your Northland Trading Post for details, money-saving coupons and more.

The Soles Sewing Center rep comes only twice a year – so this is your last 2009 opportunity for a great deal on a new sewing machine or to get yours tuned up.

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