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Marnie Minute – Aug 28, 2013

28 Aug

1. Food Training: Aligning Your Intake with Your Goals
2. Countdown to the New Site – 14 Days!
3. New Site Feature of the Week – See What’s There!
4. Personal Note from Marnie


1. FOOD TRAINING: Aligning Your Intake with
Your Goals with Marnie & guest expert, Judy H. Wright

During this program, you’ll discover how to…
a. Identify the Underlying Causes of Your Extra Pounds.
b. Maximize Pivotal Pain Points.
c. Choose the Best Process for You.
d. Set Reasonable Goals.
e. Establish Ongoing Motivation.
f. Master Your Mind with Mantras.
g. Establish a Realistic Exercise Routine.
h. Start with Maintenance in Mind.

Join us live online
Thursday, August 29, 2013
3-4 PM Central Time

Call in to listen at 646-727-2510
or listen online at


2. Countdown to the New Site – 14 Days!

Lord willing we are going to launch the new site
within the next two weeks. Pray with us!
There are still a few big jobs to tackle.


3. New Feature Sneak Peek of the Week

You’ve been asking for a way to easily identify
which training modules are available to you and
the new site displays this in three ways:

a. At the top of each training zone you’ll find a scroller featuring the image and name of each expert presenter, plus the name of the program.
b. On the right bar of each training zone you’ll find a list of the programs available to you within that zone.
c. The site-wide search tool will pull up any training including your keywords.

The training sets are available individually, but members get access to 100% of the existing (150 programs) plus all future programs included at no extra cost.

The Pre-Launch Sale offers a lifetime membership at 75% OFF:
Reg. $999 now $249/lifetime membership or 12 payments of $24.99. Register now at:


4. Personal Note from Marnie

I’m just gonna share one thing today:
Our fun, new family photos:

Sending love and prayers your way today!

Love you much!

PS – And WELCOME new lifetime members!
I cannot wait to get you going on the new site! 

PPS – It’s not too late! Register now at


Conflict Resolution

15 Aug

Join me live online
Thursday, August 16
3-4 PM Central Time
Relationship Coaching
with my special guest
Dr. Kay Julien

Download Your Training Notes Here

Click HERE to Listen Live or call 646-727-2510.

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Balancing Self-Sacrifice

22 Feb

This week I received an email including this sentiment:

“I love to invest myself, my time and my gifts into others, but when I get tired, or receive little or no appreciation, I sometimes wonder if I’m investing wisely.”

Does that describe your feelings? Have you been giving yourself away and now you are second-guessing that choice?Self Sacrifice

I used to lose my balance about this a lot until I adopted a few healthy personal policies which have now become second-nature to me. As you read through the following progression, I hope you’ll find some hope and a way to process hard choices (or maybe hard people!).

1. If God grants me the grace to give something away (my time, whatever), I do.

  1.   I give as unto God and not man (knowing full well He’ll reward me now, later or both).
  2.   I attempt to give as freely as it’s been gifted to me.
  3.   I expect nothing in return from the recipient (but love it if it comes).
  4.   I do not keep accounts. (ie – I do not require a thank you or payback, etc.)

2. If I have nothing to give, or no grace to give what I have, I ask God for whatever is needed. I pray, “God, I have no ___________ (whatever is needed or whatever I am being asked for right now), but You have plenty of ____________. Please flow some of Your ___________ through me right now. Thank You.”

  1.  If God answers with the ___________, I freely give it as in #1.
  2.  If God does not answer with ______________, I apologize* that I will not be able to help in that way today.
  3. I do not burn bridges. Just because God did not gift me with ability or resources today does not mean He won’t tomorrow.

C. If during the above process, at any point, I feel pressured to give by another person, I check my spirit.

  1.   If I have what they need, why would I say “no”? Note: There might be hundreds of God-honoring reasons to say “no.” Just be sure yours is God-honoring.
  2.   If I’ve asked God to supply and He has not, then I should feel OK saying “no.” If this is where I’m getting messed up, I humbly admit that I need personal healing when it comes to saying “yes” to God when He requires that I say “no” to this particular person OR to anyone who asks me about this particular service. In this case, I am the broken one, not the person asking this of me. Usually just realizing this helps me say “yes” to God.

There are some people to whom it is very, very difficult to say “no.” Join God: He says “no” to them all the time! In fact, sometimes it is my “yes” that messes up His “no.” Does that make sense?

God is not obligated to jump through every hoop we hold up. We are not obligated to jump through every hoop others hold up for us.

If God has chosen to bless us with the ability to serve others in a particular way, then serve we should. But if He has chosen to withhold that ability (for a moment, an hour, a day, a lifetime), we should accept His decision and apologize for any inconvenience.

*Why apologize? Well, at least for me, I actually do wish I could say “yes” to everything — both because it is more fun and also because I truly care about the tangible needs of the people in my sphere of influence.

But, if God says “no,” my answer must be “Yes, Lord. I’ll say no!”

This is a tough one.

The only way to stay in balance with God’s provision is to stay in touch with His Spirit. I love Ephesians 5:18. “Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit.”

When a person is drunk, they are no longer in control of themselves. They do things they’d never do if they were in full control.

It’s the same with a Christian who is Spirit filled. We do things we would never do if we were fully in control.

The difference is that the drunkard’s focus is on pleasing self while the Spirit-filled’s focus is on pleasing God. You truly can never out-give God if your sacrifices are for Him, through Him, in Him and to Him.

Family 2012: Strategy I

6 Jan

I love my family! I’ve been married to Dave for 28 years and we are so blessed to be the parents of 25-year-old Mark, 23-year-old Keren and 20-year-old Tim.

As we launch into 2012, I want to encourage you to be very specific about your priorities as they relate to your family. During the live recording below, I share a story about an important parenting and life lesson I learned just last year.


Also, Debbie Mancini-Wilson, of, is a Best-Selling Author and Creativity Expert who Helps Kids & their Parents be true to themselves by living authentically with healthy relationships. She sent in her favorite life strategy for your family in 2012 and I want to share that with you, too!

She recommends that you get in touch with what makes you truly happy as a parent and then share the gift of happiness with your kids.

Family 2012

Family 2012

Debbie says, “So many adults are unhappy because they are not living authentically, or true to themselves; so many more don’t even know what their true self is. For most of us, our truth is something that we do–which comes so easy to us, that we discount it; it is that thing which makes our hearts smile while we are doing it, yet we fluff it off because it is not serious enough.

“But how do we know what, of all the things that make our kids smile, is the one true key to their personal happiness? …By listening. And the key to listening is to know how to get them talking … and to get them talking, it’s got to be a casual, common thing. Kids won’t want to talk if they know they are being set up.”

Love that advice, Debbie!

1. Figure out what makes you happy, and live it.
2. Get in the habit of casual conversation with your kids.
3. Listen so you can help them discover what makes them truly happy, too.

Debbie will be speaking at the – and even today she offers easy tools for parents to break through the communication barriers in everyday common situations over at her website:

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Christmas Chaos Due to a New Baby, New Business or New Responsibilities?

5 Dec

Every Christmas is unique and “1st Christmases” can be pretty traumatic. Losing someone makes a holiday especially hard, but even good things can add unexpected difficulties and drama.

For me, a few “different” years included:
1983 – 1st married Christmas
1986 – in our new house, 8.5 months pregnant
1988 – a toddler and 3-month old baby
2002 – 1st year owning M&K Takeouts
2006 – 1st year owning Soulutions
2007 – 1st year without my dad

While the first Christmas after a farewell was painful, and adding a baby to the mix delightful, my most intense Christmas’ came after adding each new business. The first year we owned M&K I managed to get a tree up with lights on it, but that was it. The entire decorations that year were: a) visors hanging all over the tree (the personalized ones we bought each staff member as their Christmas gift) and b) any ornament I was gifted during the season. I’d unwrap it and excitedly add it to my otherwise pathetic tree!

The first few years of owning Soulutions were almost worse, because Christmas had to start in February (buying goods for the next fall), intensify through May (when we went to shows for final Christmas buying), escalate in July (as the products began arriving in the store), overwhelm me in September (at which point the entire store had to look like Christmas) and then hum through December 25th on high octane as shoppers met their Christmas list needs.

After decorating 12,000 square feet, the last thing I felt like doing was decorating my own house.

But, not any more! Now it’s all fun again.

If you are juggling both Christmas and any “new thing” this year, give yourself permission to be a one-year-old! Relax into the festivities and traditions that make sense for you, and let the rest go. Don’t worry, Christmas will come again and with it the opportunity to catch the rest of the things you love.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the season, and focus on the reason we do what we do! Marnie

PS – How’s that list coming? Check the Easy-to-Beat Christmas Planner for 2011 to be sure you aren’t missing anything important to you. Remember: A list like this is a starting point, intended to be personalized! Don’t ever, ever, ever let a list put on you on a guilt trip!

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