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What to Pray for Women Worldwide – A Global Baby Step

13 Aug

It’s 10:30 PM, Saturday, August 13th and Dave & I just returned from a delightful “trip around the world” anniversary celebration. Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we crossed the Canadian border and took in six pavilions at Winnipeg’s “Folklorama” – the largest intercultural event in the world. (Not shown: Africa)

┬áTrip Around the World via Winnipeg’s Folklorama Ireland
Punjab, India




I wanted to share three thoughts here, before I go to bed and enjoy a full day of rest tomorrow.

1) Staying married 28 years IS an accomplishment. Earlier this week I was talking to a friend and I said, “Lots of days I’ve stayed married for me. Many more, I’ve stayed married because it was the best thing for Dave or the kids or others. But, there have been quite a few times when the only thing that kept me married was my commitment to God.” Your marriage will NOT always be fun, fresh or fulfilling, but it can always be based on the firm foundation of God’s love — and that never fails! Hang in there!

2) I will look back on this weekend as one of the key stepping stones in my personal ministry and outreach to women worldwide. As we progressed from pavilion to pavilion, God was birthing a new idea in me and I can hardly wait to get cooking on it! Like the day I saw a “world map” in my mind (instead of the U.S. map I’d been seeing for years); or like the day I got the phone call from Compassion International that took me global for the first time in my life; this day was important — important to me, to the women of the world and to God. I will always remember THIS DAY!

3) I LOVE to pray for the women around the world. I have a list of the nations in my bedroom, by my prayer chair there, and in a few other key locations. In addition, I have a world map beside my desk — with dots on the 30+ countries from which I currently have mentees. One of my great joys is going to be to help other women know what to pray for the women around the world — via a website we’ll build using that URL: “”. In the end, this may or may not be my most important life work, but it’s sure gonna be fun!

Thanks for letting me ramble!

Oh, how I love Jesus — and oh, how I love His girls around the world!

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