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Recession Fear Management

10 Mar

Are you (or is someone you care about) feeling more and more “anxious” about the economy and the future of America, your job or your children?

Join Marnie’s Friends, 911 Survivor, Trina Hines and Cancer/Open Heart Surgery Survivor, Cindy Finch as they share “The Power Hour”. You will be encouraged with practical steps you can take to hold on to hope, faith and peace, no matter what happens.

Listen Online or call in to (646) 727-2510.

Leadership Training:
Thursday, March 19th
3-4 PM CT


Recession Fear Climbing Fast!

9 Mar

TWO Terrifying Releases Today:

1) Read today’s Featured WordPress Blog, This is What a Collapse Looks Like and
2) Watch the following clip

Do you remember, from the Bible, that God often works through calamity and that some things are far more important than economic security?

I had the privilege to meet Rocky Grams last February after reading his book, In Awe In Argentina. The book chronicles the argentinamighty outpouring of God, and the tireless work of Christians who were caught in Argentina’s economic crash in 2001.

Having the perspective of God’s miraculous intervention (in that country through the stories in this book) has provided me with the “worst possible scenario” as well as the reality that even in that, there is hope! I recommend it to you.

More importantly, if you do not yet know the God who is ABOVE and OUTSIDE all this mess, or if the images in the videos you just watched torment you, then you need to find peace in God today! Billy Graham explains it SO well. Click HERE.

Download the free eBook HERE and access all previous posts HERE.

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