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How to Start a Prayer Ministry

11 Sep

Special guest, Tammy Whitehurst, joins us to train on how to start a prayer ministry including:

1. Understanding the value of persistence and listening in prayer.
2. Tapping into the joy of prayer.
3. Putting prayer into action.
4. Building a prayer ministry.
5. Keeping a prayer journal.
6. Planning prayer retreats and conferences.

Join us live, Thursday, September 13 at

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Walking Out a Healing: Faith vs. Facts

11 Jul

Jesus said, “Blessed is he who has not seen and yet believes.” By very definition, faith is believing something for which there is yet no evidence.

About 2 weeks ago God prompted me to believe for the healing of my left heel. I “crushed” it about 4 years ago and it’s never been the same. I’ve been able to walk on it, but anytime I worked on concrete for more than 6 hours or tried to walk a buyer’s showroom or amusement park, I’d be crippled up for several days following. Two times in 2012 it became so painful that I rented a scooter to get around.

In the interim, I’d changed my form of exercise from the elliptical runner to swimming, as the latter provided great exercise without further aggravating the heel.

Then, about two weeks ago, God prompted me to “walk out” my healing. I understood by faith that God was going to heal my heel, but that I’d have to “walk out” that healing. First, I rejoined the gym and started using the natural runner. (I’d gone back to test it in the winter and even 10 minutes put me over the edge with pain; so, this really was an act of faith on my part.)

In addition to believing for the healing, I understood that it might not be instantaneous (ie – I might have to deal with some pain in the process, but that I should just persistently believe and “walk it out”). I was well aware of the possibility that God would want to heal me “progressively” instead of “instantly,” because He’d had me study this very thing back in 2009. Read the article entitle, ‘God Still Heals Today’ at

Anyway, all this to say that, as of today, I’m running 40 minutes at a stretch on the natural runner PLUS working 5-8 hour shifts on the hard Soulutions Store floor, and I’m fine! I feel some tingling in that left heel, but it is a miracle, truly! I should be in a wheelchair and here I am prancing about as if my foot is fresh and rested.

In my journal earlier this week I wrote:
Decisions vs. Feelings
Choices vs. Impulses
Commitments vs. Waiting to See

What is or has God called YOU to believe for by faith? I pray that the God of your hope will so fill you with all joy and peace in believing that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound and be overflowing with hope! Hebrews 10:7

Note: Are you connecting with God at a level that pleases you? If not, take the Free Personal Power Training.

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God’s Definition of Beauty

9 Jul

While running on the elliptical machine, I love to review memorized passages of Scripture and memorize new sections. This morning I became keenly aware of the 50 pounds that are no longer with me (thank You, God!!!) and simultaneously intimidated by the extra 50 pounds still jiggling along, publicly, as I ran while pumping my arms.

Eating with GodJust then, I flipped to the next passage which was, “3 Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— 4 rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. 5 For in this manner, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves…” I Peter 3:3-5

I love this passage for a lot of reasons, but today, just when I needed it, God rephrased verse 3 for me, so I understood:

“Do not let your focus be merely outward—a thin body, a fit body or even a healthy body— 4 rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”

Yes, oh, yes! More than anything else in the world, I want to be BEAUTIFUL to God. I’m grateful that He has helped me shed 50 pounds and is still shaving more off my body in the process, but even more, even if I never lost another pound or even if I get a dread disease, I will still praise Him!

Have a great day! Love you! Marnie

PS – I get asked all the time, “What are you doing to lose the weight?” The answer is Eating with God.

PPS – By the way, how do YOU rephrase God’s definition of beauty for your unique situation?

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2012 Bible Study Expo

11 May

Join me live, online – May 17th from 1-5 PM Central Time for the 2012 Bible Study Expo at!

I’ll be interviewing 15 Bible Study Book Authors from 13 Christian Book Publishers plus we’re hosting Facebook & Twitter parties, Free Book Give Aways & More! All available to you for FREE at!

Bible Study Expo

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Faith 2012: Strategy I

5 Jan

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. I want to start with FAITH because is the #1 life zone at, but more importantly, it is the foundation for everything in my life!

Faith 2012

Faith 2012

I have a deep personal faith in God and I want to share that with everyone! Knowing God, being known by God and living in, thru, by and for Him, is what I’m all about.

To begin this module on life-strategies for your faith, I want to share a bit from my pastor’s sermon last Sunday. I just loved it! He shared six fear-based faith-busters:

1. Fear vs. faith causes stress because I’m tackling conflicting information.
2. Fear vs. faith leads to a scarcity mentality that unnecessarily shrinks my options.
3. Fear vs. faith leads me to fulfill my self-defeating prophecies.
4. Fear vs. faith infects others around me with my negativity.
5. Fear vs. faith causes me to doubt my abilities and to shrink from challenges.
6. Fear vs. faith makes me miserable!

Thanks, Pastor Wayne Maxwell of Woodland Bible Church for those great fear-busing, faith-building reminders.

Just now I want to share that I’ll be speaking on the topic of FAITH at on Friday, January 20th at the afternoon session. If you want to learn more about faith, join us! If you are a faith-based follower of Jesus Christ, pray for me that day – a lot of people who listen in to that presentation will be from around the world, other cultures, various religions and denominations and you can imagine both the opportunity for which I am grateful and the responsibility for which I’ve been uniquely equipped. So, your prayers and presence are welcome and encouraged.

Should you choose to join us that day, which I hope you will, during my one-hour intensive, I’ll be sharing faith-based facts including that:

1. You are 100% unique. I’ll share the 10 ways you are completely unique from anyone else, ever – and only one of these has anything to do with appearance.
2. You’ll learn that your 3 billion base-pair of DNA have determined your roadmap to success, which was established before you were born. You can’t change your DNA.
3. You’ll discover how amazing you really are! I’ll be sharing breathtaking statistics about the amazing you and how to press into personal faith.
4. You will understand exactly how your subconscious mind is driving you forward at 20 million stimuli per second and how this invisible “driver” affects your life, your success and your faith.
5. You will learn how your conscious mind is constantly sending “work orders” to your subconscious and how you can use goals, affirmations and positive self-talk in your faith-walk.
6. I’ll share why fear is the #1 faith-buster and how you can overcome it by understanding the 3 kinds of fear and why each is so valuable.
7. During that one-hour training you’ll learn why faith’s value is based on its target. For example, if you place your faith in a broken chair, when you sit down, it will break under you and you’ll fall. Likewise, when you switch on the lights during a power outage, you’ll remain in the dark. AND if you invest faith into the wrong things, you’ll fail. During this portion of the training you’ll learn how to know where to place your faith in order to succeed for now and eternity.
8. Finally, we’ll talk about the need to exercise faith in order to enjoy its function. Faith without works truly is dead.

So right now, open a new tab on your computer to and register to attend this FREE online event January 14-22 – and also block off your schedule to join me on Friday, January 20th for the training on FAITH.

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Marnie’s Top 5 Christmas Songs!

3 Dec

Over and over
these songs I’m
playing and playing.
Just sayin’

Add the link to your favorite below!

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What to Pray for Women Worldwide – A Global Baby Step

13 Aug

It’s 10:30 PM, Saturday, August 13th and Dave & I just returned from a delightful “trip around the world” anniversary celebration. Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we crossed the Canadian border and took in six pavilions at Winnipeg’s “Folklorama” – the largest intercultural event in the world. (Not shown: Africa)

 Trip Around the World via Winnipeg’s Folklorama Ireland
Punjab, India




I wanted to share three thoughts here, before I go to bed and enjoy a full day of rest tomorrow.

1) Staying married 28 years IS an accomplishment. Earlier this week I was talking to a friend and I said, “Lots of days I’ve stayed married for me. Many more, I’ve stayed married because it was the best thing for Dave or the kids or others. But, there have been quite a few times when the only thing that kept me married was my commitment to God.” Your marriage will NOT always be fun, fresh or fulfilling, but it can always be based on the firm foundation of God’s love — and that never fails! Hang in there!

2) I will look back on this weekend as one of the key stepping stones in my personal ministry and outreach to women worldwide. As we progressed from pavilion to pavilion, God was birthing a new idea in me and I can hardly wait to get cooking on it! Like the day I saw a “world map” in my mind (instead of the U.S. map I’d been seeing for years); or like the day I got the phone call from Compassion International that took me global for the first time in my life; this day was important — important to me, to the women of the world and to God. I will always remember THIS DAY!

3) I LOVE to pray for the women around the world. I have a list of the nations in my bedroom, by my prayer chair there, and in a few other key locations. In addition, I have a world map beside my desk — with dots on the 30+ countries from which I currently have mentees. One of my great joys is going to be to help other women know what to pray for the women around the world — via a website we’ll build using that URL: “”. In the end, this may or may not be my most important life work, but it’s sure gonna be fun!

Thanks for letting me ramble!

Oh, how I love Jesus — and oh, how I love His girls around the world!

Swimming with Jesus

14 Jan

Dave and I are in the habit of swimming laps M-W-F mornings. I usually swim 40 minutes (that’s a 1/2 mile for non-swimmer me). It’s great!

This morning I’d been talking with Jesus most of the swim, and as I grabbed the stair bars to pull myself out of the pool, in that “arms up” position, I could sense Him standing there at the top of the ladder – ready to welcome me into my day. Sweet!

Have a great day, swimming through it with Jesus!


Recession Fear Management

10 Mar

Are you (or is someone you care about) feeling more and more “anxious” about the economy and the future of America, your job or your children?

Join Marnie’s Friends, 911 Survivor, Trina Hines and Cancer/Open Heart Surgery Survivor, Cindy Finch as they share “The Power Hour”. You will be encouraged with practical steps you can take to hold on to hope, faith and peace, no matter what happens.

Listen Online or call in to (646) 727-2510.

Leadership Training:
Thursday, March 19th
3-4 PM CT

Recession Fear Climbing Fast!

9 Mar

TWO Terrifying Releases Today:

1) Read today’s Featured WordPress Blog, This is What a Collapse Looks Like and
2) Watch the following clip

Do you remember, from the Bible, that God often works through calamity and that some things are far more important than economic security?

I had the privilege to meet Rocky Grams last February after reading his book, In Awe In Argentina. The book chronicles the argentinamighty outpouring of God, and the tireless work of Christians who were caught in Argentina’s economic crash in 2001.

Having the perspective of God’s miraculous intervention (in that country through the stories in this book) has provided me with the “worst possible scenario” as well as the reality that even in that, there is hope! I recommend it to you.

More importantly, if you do not yet know the God who is ABOVE and OUTSIDE all this mess, or if the images in the videos you just watched torment you, then you need to find peace in God today! Billy Graham explains it SO well. Click HERE.

Download the free eBook HERE and access all previous posts HERE.

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