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2013 Women’s Ministry Training

30 Dec

The Global, Online Women’s Ministry Expo is Friday, January 11th at  It’s live, it’s free, it’s for YOU!

Register today at!

Womens Ministry


Setting Up a Spiritual Spa

22 Aug

Live, online training with Barbara Walls

Thursday, August 23
3-4 PM Central Time
Setting Up a Spiritual Spa

Download Your Training Notes Here

The radio box below goes live shortly after showtime or listen live at BTR or by calling 646-727-2510.

During this program you will receive:

1. A sample day’s agenda.
2. Instructions about how to actually pamper the guests and why that is such a high priority.
3. How to take it deeper so it’s not just another fun day out.
4. What women say motivates them to attend such an event.
5. Marnie’s definition of B.U.S.Y. & Barbara’s definition of R.E.S.T.
6. What qualifications one needs to be a Spa TECH.
7. The best event of 2012.
8. How a church would go about starting a Spiritual Spa ministry and more.

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Event Planners: Don’t ReInvent the Wheel

6 Aug

why reinvent the wheelBusy leaders know the value of creating efficient systems to accomplish repetitive tasks. In my 20+ years of Women’s Ministry leadership, I put together an ebook including my favorite 17 templates — and these forms have served as time-saving “wheels” for thousands of others.

These ready-to-use forms and lists are divided into three easy categories:

1. Tools You Need When Working with People To Whom You Will Pay Money (speakers, retreat centers, etc.)
2. Tools You Need When Working with People Who Will Pay You Money (event attendees)
3. Tools You Need When Working With Volunteers & Contributors (planning committees, contributors, local businesses)

The ebook includes: Brainstorming Worksheet, Multiple Ready-To-Copy Sign-Up Sheets, an Interactive Budget Worksheet, a Speaker Worksheet, Conference/Retreat Center Worksheet, numerous sample Retreat Registration Forms, Business Donation Request Templates, and much more! Request your copy today!

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2012 Bible Study Expo

11 May

Join me live, online – May 17th from 1-5 PM Central Time for the 2012 Bible Study Expo at!

I’ll be interviewing 15 Bible Study Book Authors from 13 Christian Book Publishers plus we’re hosting Facebook & Twitter parties, Free Book Give Aways & More! All available to you for FREE at!

Bible Study Expo

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Event Planning Strategy I: 2012

17 Jan

Once again, as an event planner, I can tell you a few things! Last year alone I planned over 100 events in 10 cities just for one client.

My keys are: 1)  simplify, 2) streamline and 3) organize to the best of your ability.

Right now I want to assume that you’ve taken the Women’s Ministry & Event Planner Training at, and that you’ve planned and organized, and are ready for your amazing event… but that, nearing the end, when you are under stress, you need a bit of assistance.

First a note to beginners: It is as likely you will experience stress nearing the launch of any major event as it is that a woman expecting a baby will experience stress during labor and transition. It’s part of the process.

The goal is to avoid “unnecessary” stress and to deal with necessary stress in a balanced and healthy way.

Event Planning 2012

Event Planning 2012

The following 5 Anytime-Anywhere Tips To Give Stress A Break, are from another co-presenter of mine at, Shea Vaughn of

Shea says:

  1. Breathe … whenever you feel stress mounting, breathe deeply and exhale slowly several times to exercise your air passages and help improve physical and mental energy.  It promotes relaxation, reduces agitation, dispels muscular tension and directs your energy to a more positive place.
  2. Choose your music: Brainwaves resonate in sync with a strong beat to increase concentration and alertness – perfect if you have a day of multi-tasking. On the flipside, a slower beat promotes a calm, meditative state and can slow your breath and heart rate.
  3. Try a full-body laugh: We are made to connect with each other through laughter. Lift yourself up with a chuckle – improve your mood and interact more meaningfully with others. It’s also a light form of exercise; clears breathing passages and fills the lungs and body with oxygen.
  4. Exercise: Dress for the weather and go for a walk outside. Get some fresh air, take in the sights and be in the world around you. Go with a friend and have a chat or by yourself letting your thoughts wander and just be in the moment.
  5. Have some fun: Everyone has one activity they love to do. These are the experiences that help bring meaning and cherished memories to your life. Make a commitment to yourself, plan and make sure you do that one thing.

Thank you Shea Vaughn of  Shea will be speaking at on Thursday, January 19th. Register FREE now!

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Maximize Your Women’s Conference Attendance & Vendor Sponsorships

24 Jun

Get the inside scoop on planning your next conference from these two event planners who stepped WAY OUT of their comfort zones to host remarkable events. Teri Johnson’s marketing team convinced over 1,000 women to attend a conference in a remote town, population 2,756. Marcia Mehlhaff’s team used a unique approach to book vendors for an annual administrator’s conference. Both will share tips on how you can take your next conference to the next level.

Join me and event planners,
Teri Johnson & Marcia Mehlhaff
Listen in right now!
Click for Show Notes.

Peek at the movie produced for the Liz Curtis Higgs event,
which was put together by a team from Roseau, Minnesota,
including guest, Teri Johnson.


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Help! How to Attract Event Sponsors & get Donations

17 Mar

During this hour-long training, you will learn
how to attract sponsors and
get donations for your event!

Thursday, March 18th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
HERE to download the training notes.

Planning an event? Need help with ideas & strategies for securing sponsors & donations? Listen as KBWomen co-founder Krista Dunk helps you organize your plan of action, avoid pitfalls, appease your budget, & create win-win partnership situations!

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Event Planning Themes

10 Feb

During this hour-long training, you will learn how to develop event planning themes and why they help.

Thursday, February 11th

1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET

on Blog Talk Radio

or at (646) 727-2510

Click for the post-show archive.

Our guest is Alene Snodgrass, author of “I’m a Fixer-Upper“. We will use her book, her speaking ministry and Marnie’s “Women Under Construction” theme set to illustrate a 100% fully developed themed event.

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Women’s Ministry Christmas Party Ideas

14 Dec
I attended the Women’s Ministry Christmas at my home church on Saturday night. The theme was: Bells. Each table had a mini-tree as the centerpiece, decorated with red and gold bells and bows. A hand bell on each table was used by a guest during the song, “Come On, Ring Those Bells.” We also sang Silver Bells and I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day and heard the poem, “Jingle Bell Scholck/A Christmas Poem to Drive Truth Home by Linda Ann Nickerson, followed by a talk by Wendy Hock, Missionary to Paraquay. It got me thinking – Maybe you need a last minute Christmas idea for your own Women’s Ministry group. Below are the theme sets we’ve published today:
Womens Ministry Christmas Last year we published the “Impromptu Christmas Party CD Exchange” idea which is really fun and takes very little time or volunteer staff to coordinate as a Women’s Ministry Christmas party. Click here to view the CD Exchange Christmas Party Theme Set promo page.
WM Christmas Ideas The most popular set this year is the Manger Theme Set featuring a responsive reading, music suggestion, nativity decorations and a table game. Click here to view the entire Manger Christmas Party Theme Set promo page.
WM Christmas Ideas Even with Christmas is right around the corner and you haven’t started planning a Women’s Ministry Christmas party yet, you can host this one! This template set includes all the details for an event that my home church has hosted on two occasions. While we had plenty of time to plan, I believe that by using our notes and these promotional templates you could pull it off with just a week or two’s notice. Have at it! Click here to view the Impromptu Christmas Party Theme Set promo page.

What is/was your Christmas party idea for this year? When you share here, you help all of us! Thanks! Marnie

Note: Club members gain access to all 32 theme development sets. Join here.

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