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Hospitality Training: Bedside Manner and the Bottom Line

5 May

Restaurant Doctor, Bill Marvin Nobody gets up in the morning with a burning urge to do business with you, but you don’t have to be the best to be successful. During this hour, learn to differentiate between customer service and hospitality. Join us…

Thursday, May 6th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510
Click here for training notes

Known as The Restaurant Doctor, Bill Marvin helps independent restaurants put the hospitality back into the hospitality business … but his principles are equally applicable to any enterprise that wants to clearly stand out from the competition.

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M & K Goes BAJA!

12 Oct

Not to be confused with “going batty” or saying “Bah!”, M & K Takeouts is adding “Baja” (pronounced – bah-ha) Enchilada soup and Baja rice to its already awesome Mexican menu. Enjoy the rice alone or added to your favorite hard shell, soft shell or burrito.

Baja Enchilada Chicken Soup

Baja Enchilada Chicken Soup

If you like spicy, you’re
gonna love the new Bajas!

Also NEW, enjoy Nanaimo Bars! 50 cents each or 3/$1. Super Yum!
Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars

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M & K Rook Winners

22 Aug
We played “Rook” all day Friday at M & K Takeouts… had a total of 19 winners!

Thanks to everybody for coming in and playing (come try again when we play sometime in September), and congrats to our 10% and $10* winners:

Lindsay Fast
Ellen Conroy
Jenn Jansen
Scott Moyer*
Emily Knutson*
Irvin Galstad
Jody Christian*
Chuck Olson
Lindsay Olimb
Arthur Shuson
Robyn Unruh
Paul Wilber
Jake Anderson*
Larry Richert
Jake Marvin*
Gene O’Tool
Tara (can’t read last name)
N. Str… (can’t read rest)
D. J. R. (can’t read signature)

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