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Traveling Alone? Live Training with Cheryl Touchton

13 Oct
Road Warrior
Cheryl Touchton,
is the author of
Pocket Full of Quarters:
Five Steps to Loving God
Thursday, October 15th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
on Blog Talk Radio
or at (646) 727-2510

Cheryle is nicknamed the Pocket Full of Change Lady because she travels the country talking to people about Jesus while handing out quarters. She has traveled more than 150,000 highway miles as a full time Christian missionary, writer, motivational speaker, Bible Study teacher, and Sh’ma based business coach. Her church calls her a missionary, her publisher calls her a writer, her husband calls her an apostle, and her daddy calls her a hobo. Join us for this hour of travel training (so much more than tips here!!) for solo road warriors.  Click to download the 3-page training handout pdf.

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Time Share Presentation Survival Tips

12 Aug
How to Survive TimeShare Presentations Have you ever had your vacation ruined by a Time Share salesman? Never again! Join Marnie and special guest, Lisa Ann Schreier, the Time Share Crusader, to learn how you can survive your next Time Share sales presentation.

Lisa has been a timeshare sales manager and trainer and she is gearing up to tell you the inside secrets. Join us

Thursday, August 13th
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
Online or at (646) 727-2510

Brought to you by the Million Mile Club.

Healthy Travel Tips & Fun

22 Jul

Join the Live Training with 3-million miler, Rich Melcombe. Rich is a talented, fun and interesting guy who, among other things, co-authored the business plan for Turner Broadcasting’s TNT cable network, made Pope John Paul laugh when he visited Los Angeles, and has flown to China for dinner twice (in Beijing & Shanghai for less than 4 hours).

If you are a frequent traveler, join us today for a better trip tomorrow. Check out Rich’s Blog and join us for the live show:

Thursday, July 23
1-2 PA, 2-3 MT, 3-4 CT, 4-5 ET
Online or at
(646) 727-2510

Sponsored by the Million Mile Club, a place where leaders, speakers, missionaries and you can learn insider tips to save time, money and stress while traveling.

Airline Travel Tip: Bag Festooning

3 Apr
Dan Ponyter, 2 Million Miler

Dan Ponyter, 2 Million Miler

Dan Poynter flies more than 6,000 miles a week, boards a plane every 2.5 days and is on his 12th round-the-world itinerary in 2 years.  He has flown nearly 2 million miles.  

His #1 tip?  Add unmistakable identification markers to your luggage.

“My carry-on and check bags are festooned with orange ribbons.” The luggage is easier to locate on the cart or carousel and can’t be mistaken for another bag.

The decorations should be both visual and textile: “My bags are even decorated with ribbons on the slide-up handle so they can be felt with the hand.”

Remember, with smaller aircraft, bags are often returned on a cart, planeside.  It is hard to see the bags outside, at night.

If someone grabs your bag in error, he or she will be home or at a hotel before they notice the “bag switch”.Meanwhile you have a meeting or speech at 9 AM and must be well dressed.

BTW: Airlines have “coat switch” rooms for lost and found items.

Catching Up with Carolyn Gage

13 Mar
Carolyn Gage

Carolyn Gage

Carolyn Gage along with her husband, Clarke, are area Pastors for Russia, Siberia, Belarus & Eurasia NW – where Russia, Europe and the Muslim World converge and their itinerary just in April includes Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia & Moldova.

Carolyn joined me on the phone today for a pre-recording of a 5-minute interview clip* that will be played at the launch of The Million Mile Club April 2nd.

The entire interview, which lasted about 30 minutes, was full of laughter and tears. This beautiful, godly woman has been a mentor to me and I am honored to “share” her with you! Spending time in her presence is like getting a breath of fresh air.

*The short clip takes a few minutes to load, the full length version HERE longer. Learn more about Carolyn Gage HERE.

Million Mile Club – 101

9 Mar

Would you like to learn from handbook author, Trinka Taylor, leadership mentor, Marnie Swedberg, and other million-mile club members? Request a reminder now HERE.

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