My Klout Pout

27 Aug

Do you use Klout to make decisions about people’s influence? If so, please read this post!

Klout makes me a bit crazy, to tell you the truth, because it’s a mixed bag of helpful, credible facts and obviously incorrect qualitative content.

For example, it provided me with excellent feedback about my need to beef up my Twitter presence–a highly valuable piece of information. On the other hand, it says I influence roughly 400 people, which is odd, since my connections are now close to 100,000 between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BlogTalkRadio and my email list. You can’t really “fudge” with that many channels.

The other day I found my friend, Wayne Kelly, on Klout. I was shocked! Wayne is a popular AM radio talk show host and a media trainer extraordinaire, yet according to Klout he influences 6 people. Not!

I’m not opposed to Klout or what they are trying to achieve, I just recommend using some common sense and caution when viewing their results. Before you bet the farm on somebody’s Klout score, step back and take a deep breath!

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