The Power of Your Inner Dialog

17 Aug

The bulk of our decision-making occurs in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind processes only about 40 stimuli per second while the subconscious processes over 20 million stimuli per second.

The power of our inner dialog stems from this non-stop, internal conversation that we are having with ourselves at all times. Mostly, we are unaware of this brain-banter, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

To succeed at changing any behavior or habit, we must master the art of reprogramming our subconscious mind from its preferred position, which is to keep us stuck in our status quo, toward the new thought processes required for us to achieve and maintain our desired outcomes.

#1 – Don’t bother using “have to” statements on yourself. The subconscious mind will not be bullied! Remember, it’s a 20 million to 40 fight… you cannot win by trying to force your subconscious mind into submission. As soon as you become distracted or stressed-out, you’ll find yourself reverting immediately to your former status quo. Instead, when we say, “I choose to…” and reinforce it with positive attitudes and actions for long enough, the subconscious comes around.

#2 – Respect the invisible part of yourself that is driving 90% of your behavior. Talk to it with respect, as if asking a Prime Minister for assistance instead of demanding it of him.

#3 – Reject worry. Plainly state, “Worry is my prayer partner. I never engage worry directly, but rather walk her into the presence of God. God and I discuss her and then I leave her with Him as I go about my day in peace.”

Since the subconscious mind simply receives, digests and gives back the result of the thoughts fed it by the conscious mind, it is imperative that we keep our thoughts in check!

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