Get Your Busy Self Organized, Part I – The Benefits

27 Jul

The wheels of a car stuck in the mud can busily spin forever without making any progress. In fact, the longer they spin out, the more stuck the car gets.busy getting unstuck

Super busy people often get “stuck” in a rut, working harder and harder, only to find they are getting further and further behind.

In my next post I’ll explain “how” to get your busy self organized, but here I just want to give you the main benefits of taking positive organizational action now.

1. Gain time. Most time management gurus agree that you can save 10+ hours a week simply by getting your organizational act together.
2. Reduce stress. When you are spinning in the mud, even the simplest additional requirement (like, turn left) seems overwhelming.
3. Regain life balance. Sometimes just one wheel is flat or stuck, but it’s impeding progress or throwing the entire vehicle out of balance.
4. Enjoy time with family and friends. Being preoccupied with too many things to do robs you of the ability to enjoy the moment.
5. Save money. Disorganization results in unnecessary spending because you re-buy items you can’t find or you go out to eat instead of making a healthier and less-expense home cooked meal.
6. Increase your earning capacity. Who would you pay more? The person who could get twice as much done as everyone else or the average performer?
7. Have more energy. Being stuck results in standing still. You may be busy spinning your wheels, but you’re not creating energy, you’re only using it up.
8. Be more flexible. When a car is in motion, moving forward, it’s easy to turn. A stuck vehicle is nearly impossible to turn. You’ll find you have a much greater ability to flex once you are unstuck and on your organized way.
9. Sleep better. Once your mind is no longer juggling a “million things to do,” you’ll be able to relax and sleep.
10. Be a great role model. Your neices, nephews, kids and grandkids are all watching you. What is your life teaching them today?

Watch for Part II – “The Steps to Getting Your Busy Self Organized” coming Monday, July 30th.

Also, if you haven’t taken my Time Management Course yet, do that now! It’s my gift to you!

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