The Transformation Equation

20 Jul

Just as a transformer reduces a vast amount of energy into something small enough to be viable, so you have the ability to reduce your “big dreams” into simple realities. Consider the following inventions:

transformation transformation
transformation transformation

Each began as someone’s dream and was transformed from idea to reality.

All inventors honor the first three steps below. Those who become profitable honor all five. If your goal is to transform your dream into a reality, then here is how to proceed:

  1. Document it. Write everything down. Envision, play with it, make your dream concrete, at least on paper.
  2. Research it. Find out what is already known about it and what remains to be discovered. Research the missing links.
  3. Test it. Make a prototype. Find its strengths and weaknesses. Polish and perfect.
  4. Protect it. File a patent so others cannot legally steal your idea.
  5. Market it. Allow the public to participate in your transformation.

What is YOUR big idea today? At what point in the transformation process are you now?

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