Busy? Learn How to Create a Good Pitch Fast!

18 Jul

speed networkingI’ll be the guest speaker at a speed networking event for busy internet marketers (Mpls, MN) in a few weeks and have been re-thinking my “pitch” — you know, that 30 second blurb that helps others understand who you are, what you do and why they might care. Tomorrow, join me and Lisa B. Marshall for a live, online, hour-long training during which you will actually write your pitch plus learn:

  1. The purpose of a good pitch.
  2. The components of a good pitch.
  3. How to practice your pitch.
  4. How to modify your pitch.

Download the Training Notes Here.

Here’s my “rough draft” pitch going into tomorrow’s training:

“Hi! I’m Marnie Swedberg. I mentor thousands of leaders from over 30 countries via my online mentorship program, live presentations and Google #1-ranked websites. I’m a media expert and speaker, an author, trainer and group coach in the 12 life zones. Mostly, I help goal-getters get unstuck fast in order to get back on track. You can learn about it all at my website at Marnie.com.”

I’ll be curious to see how Lisa “reworks it” during the live show on Thursday. When you get your pitch polished, post it below and we’ll provide feedback!

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