Shoe Manufacturer Needed

13 Jul

Despite the wonderful healing that I am experiencing in my left foot (see blog here), I still have medium-high arches that need tender care.

I have had a dream for over a decade now for a line of shoes that would provide the kind of arch support that I need – but more importantly, the arch support that is needed by many women. shoe manufacturerI’m serious! There are millions of women, like me, who walk through shoe stores–feeling the arch-zones of shoes and ruling out 99% of them due to lack of arch support. Inserts are OK, but they slip around, show when wearing sling-backs and simply don’t work in many shoe designs.

What is needed is a line of shoes that will meet the needs of an aging population of women: women who want to wear nice shoes but need a bit more arch support than is being provided. There is money to be made here for some savvy shoe manufacturer!

If you know of a shoe manufacturer who is seeking a brand new product line, tell me. I have saved samples of several shoe designs that I’ve saved through the years, designs that were just perfect and would be a good starting point. I would be truly excited to find a company that would be interested in considering this idea.

Hey, what’s YOUR big idea?

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