4 Reasons Businesses Love Social Media Strategies

6 Jul

According to Chris Horton, there are four key reasons why social media works great for promoting businesses:

1. Amplified Messaging. You type or video record it once and it gets viewed multiple times. You can use it to educate, entertain or enlighten.
2. Deeper Engagement. Instead of being a talking head, you get the chance to reply, interact and be real.
3. Efficient Brand Management. You get to define how you are seen, respond directly to input and ideas, and redefine your brand as needed.
4. Real-Time Analytics. Instant click-through counts either confirm or reject your communication method, which is far less costly than running an ad campaign and waiting days or weeks for results.

I loved this stuff and wanted to share it with you. To read Chris’ own words, visit his blog at Synecortech.com. Thanks, Chris! Find Chris at Twitter: @chrshorton

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