Event Planning Strategy I: 2012

17 Jan

Once again, as an event planner, I can tell you a few things! Last year alone I planned over 100 events in 10 cities just for one client.

My keys are: 1)  simplify, 2) streamline and 3) organize to the best of your ability.

Right now I want to assume that you’ve taken the Women’s Ministry & Event Planner Training at www.Marnie.com, and that you’ve planned and organized, and are ready for your amazing event… but that, nearing the end, when you are under stress, you need a bit of assistance.

First a note to beginners: It is as likely you will experience stress nearing the launch of any major event as it is that a woman expecting a baby will experience stress during labor and transition. It’s part of the process.

The goal is to avoid “unnecessary” stress and to deal with necessary stress in a balanced and healthy way.

Event Planning 2012

Event Planning 2012

The following 5 Anytime-Anywhere Tips To Give Stress A Break, are from another co-presenter of mine at www.MotivationMarathon.com, Shea Vaughn of www.sheanetics.com.

Shea says:

  1. Breathe … whenever you feel stress mounting, breathe deeply and exhale slowly several times to exercise your air passages and help improve physical and mental energy.  It promotes relaxation, reduces agitation, dispels muscular tension and directs your energy to a more positive place.
  2. Choose your music: Brainwaves resonate in sync with a strong beat to increase concentration and alertness – perfect if you have a day of multi-tasking. On the flipside, a slower beat promotes a calm, meditative state and can slow your breath and heart rate.
  3. Try a full-body laugh: We are made to connect with each other through laughter. Lift yourself up with a chuckle – improve your mood and interact more meaningfully with others. It’s also a light form of exercise; clears breathing passages and fills the lungs and body with oxygen.
  4. Exercise: Dress for the weather and go for a walk outside. Get some fresh air, take in the sights and be in the world around you. Go with a friend and have a chat or by yourself letting your thoughts wander and just be in the moment.
  5. Have some fun: Everyone has one activity they love to do. These are the experiences that help bring meaning and cherished memories to your life. Make a commitment to yourself, plan and make sure you do that one thing.

Thank you Shea Vaughn of www.sheanetics.com.  Shea will be speaking at www.MotivationMarathon.com on Thursday, January 19th. Register FREE now!

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