Women’s Ministry Strategy I: 2012

16 Jan

I was a volunteer Women’s Ministry leader for over 20 years at my home church and during that time I wrote the FREE eBook, “Women’s Ministry Guide” as well as several other books and eBooks for WM leaders.

My main, #1 tip for Women’s Ministry Leaders is to NOT re-invent the wheel! If you’re just starting, you’ll want to tap into the training modules available to you at Marnie.com.

–          Women’s Ministry Guide (Free)

–          Audio Training Modules (on sale for $49.99)

–          Mentorship Program ($25/month includes everything!)

In the audio training zone you’ll get …. The Right Tools for Ministry: my eBook with 17 of my Favorite Template, Spiritual Gifts & Leadership Training including a free spiritual gifts test, How to Building High Performance Teams & The Art of Leadership Reproduction, How to Work Your Meetings So Your Meetings Work, How to Understand Your Women, Soar Above Criticism & Avoid Burnout, plus much more!

Women's Ministry 2012

Women's Ministry 2012

Remember: Same behaviors? Same outcomes. Decide NOW to do things differently in 2012!

Pam Farrel, of www.BillandPam.org, is one of our zone trainers and she gives this advice for attracting new women to your Women’s Ministry, quote, “Answer the questions before they ask them.” Examples of details you should include in your  promotions are:

o How much? (what’s it gonna cost me in time and money)

o What’s offered? (do I have options or is it a one-size-fits-all program?)

o Is it for me? (who is your ideal attendee?)

o What is your mission? (motto, vision statement, goals and intentions)

If you stumbled over even one of these questions, I encourage you to invest in more training so you and your team can make great progress in 2012.

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll have remarkably similar results to what you’ve already experienced. Invest in your group! Get training, get focused and get going toward your God-given goals in 2012!

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