Social Media Connections Strategy I: 2012

15 Jan

Keith Kellor is a co-producer of plus is in top 1% of Twitter users in world. He’s from Australia, and is a “Twitter 4 Business Specialist” with clients around the world. And, actually, we get 5 big tips from Keith for how to get the best out of Twitter as a business marketing tool in 2012:

Connections 2012

Connections 2012

  1. Be a resource not a salesperson. Twitter is about sharing information and resources NOT selling ‘stuff’. This may sound counter-intuitive but it is the essence of Social Media marketing.
  2. Write a strong bio that will inspire potential clients and joint venture partners to follow you.
  3. Add a photo or company graphic. There is significant evidence to prove that people who do this get more followers and retweets
  4. Remember the 80/20 Rule – It’s not all about you.  4 out of 5 tweets should be of value to your followers and not sales related. Only 1 out of every 5 tweets (minimum) should be a sales related message. 1 out of 10 however is a far better ratio if you can manage it.
  5.  SHARE – SHARE –SHARE (This is Twitter101).  Share links to great articles and interact with your followers… this is the essence of how Twitter works.

Keith is a pro who offers an online training program at and you can join him at for a free one-hour intensive on social networking strategies.

How HAS your social networking been working for you? Remember: If you keep doing it the same way, you guarantee you’ll get the same results.  So, what are YOU going to do differently in 2012?

I recommend you start by downloading my own free ebook on the topic! It’s called SANE: Social Networking Success in 15 Minutes a Day and it’s available free from  – for YOUR success!

Note: Keith presents live tonight at 6 PM EST online at It’s free while it’s live so go register right now!

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