Training Strategy I: 2012

14 Jan

Our next three tips come from co-presenters at Dr. David Fraser, Dr. JoAnne White & Deb Scott. And if you’re wondering, yes, it’s true, there ARE a lot of us – I think 46 or so… and the entire live marathon is FREE – so, go over there right now and register at It starts TODAY!

training 2012

training 2012

The first life training tip here is from Dr David Fraser of “Hone your ability to relate well to other people at work and at home.”

Dr. Fraser is the author of “Relationship Mastery: A Business Professional’s Guide”. He’s a speaker, engineer, leader, executive coach, yachtsman, mountaineer and father of three and he explains that most of us grow up learning about professional and personal relationships by trial and error, and sometimes quite a bit of error. The trouble is, it’s slow, and the learning may only come after everything’s gone wrong. Better to get ahead of the game and be a master of the life skill of relating to other people. In fact, be known for how you relate positively to others.

Here’s a simple and powerful game-changer…

“Notice whether you or the person you’re talking to are focusing on what you want or what you don’t want. More often than not, people say what they don’t want. You can help both you and them by noticing this happening and shifting attention onto what is wanted instead, as in “OK, so what do you want?” Then it may well happen. You can make a big difference with this habit alone and there’s much more. The secret is having a structured approach.”

Our next tip is from Dr. Jo Anne White of

training 2012

training 2012

Dr. White is a featured host of the popular “Power Your Life” radio show, and is globally known as the “Success Doc” having helped millions of men, women, families and businesses overcome challenges, manifest more success, abundance and joy, plus live life to their highest potential.

She offers this bit of life management advice:

“You can call it determination, tenacity, persistence, stick-to-it-ness or drive. It’s both a characteristic and a resolve that successful people, leaders and entrepreneurs have and don’t go without. It’s sets them apart from many who rely on wishes alone, yet lose interest when the going gets tough. They give up too easily and miss out.

“But what IS determination?

“Determination is your ability to continue on your path without stopping or turning back despite roadblocks, setbacks and doubts. You build your inner strength and the momentum to reach your goal.

“No matter what the present moment looks like, you forge ahead. You seize the challenges as opportunities to lead you closer to your heart’s desire. With unshakeable belief in you and your dream, and trust in universal support, you can create what once seemed impossible.

“Many others are discouraged, quickly defeated and lack the faith to see the journey through past the clouds and temporary darkness to the dawning light of their own success. Be one who sees the journey through and reaps the wondrous rewards!”

training 2012

training 2012

Our final tip is from one of the producers of, Deb Scott, and Deb has also been a trainer in the Life Zones at Deb says:

1. Know who you are – what you’re great at – what you love – what your are passionate about.
2. Know what you don’t want – qualities you don’t like.
3. Know what you do want – how do you want people to feel when they meet you?
4. Know how to make it happen. Find good mentors and surround yourself with people who already have you what you want.
5. Be grateful for the small successes because without them you will never reach your ultimate goal. Enjoy the process – it’s about progress – not perfection.
6. And – don’t compare! You’ll only despair. Be YOU – and do that perfectly.

Terrific advice from Deb Scott, co-producer of

By the way, I love hanging around with Deb online because she’s a powerful positive influence in my life and the lives of many others! Learn more about her at or

And, as a final thought: Last year, Deb co-hosted a big event. This year she’s co-hosting a HUGE event. She’s a great example of DIFFERENT BEHAVIORS, DIFFERENT RESULTS. What are YOU going to do bigger and better in 2012?


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