Managing Strategy I: 2012

13 Jan

As the manager of myself, our home, our family restaurant, retail store, espresso café and a conglomerate of websites, I love the phrase, “Managing to Succeed.” In fact, I have an entire training modules with that title over at

Managing 2012

Managing 2012

During this blog, however, I’m going to share with you a bit of advice given by Elinor Stutz, CEO of and the author of, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale” and “HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews.”

Elinor’s tip could also fit into the media section, but I placed her in the management zone here because she encourages us to “work backwards” toward our main goals and that is definitely a management skill!

Even before that, though, she encourages us to answer these questions:

1st. List your target goals for 2012 and beyond.
Next, and here’s a list of questions,

Of all the milestones:
– which appeal to you most
– which are the easiest to implement
– for which are you willing to self-educate or get help
– for which will you take calculated risk
– for which are you willing to admit something didn’t work correctly and try again
– for which are you willing to not give up?

Finally, she advises that when you are ready, you should, “Reach for the Distant Star! You know in your heart that special project you wish to accomplish but seems unattainable. Reach for that distant star, by working backwards creating a list of major milestones to be accomplished until you are at present day.”

She continues, “Success means making a commitment to education and self-improvement. Quitting is not an option but reinvention is. Be willing to always examine what is not working well, tweak and improve upon. By maintaining the long-term vision and milestones, you will always have a working plan in place to be followed every working day. In this manner, you will reach that distant star more quickly and effectively. Others will watch in amazement believing that for you it was all a Smooth Sale!”

That was our #1 2012 Managing Tip from by Elinor Stutz, CEO of so you can break out of your same-old behaviors – same old outcomes. Make a commitment to better self-management in 2012 and start working on it today!


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