Media Strategy I: 2012

12 Jan
Media 2012

Media 2012

I taught myself media after my 1st book came out with St. Martin’s Press back in 1996. I’d expected, like most 1st-time authors, that the publisher would do all the PR, but that didn’t happen. So, I bought books, read articles and took some training then ran my own PR campaign, booking myself on dozens of TV and radio shows nationwide.

Since then, I’ve provided online training for those who want to do their own media, either to retain control or to save money – both of which are great reasons, by the way.

My personal tip for your media success in 2012 is to know yourself! If you are 100% comfortable with who you are, who you are here for and how your message will change their lives for the better… then, with a little training, you can get yourself booked on the majority of shows in your genre.

So, #1 – know yourself!

The 2nd media tip I want to share is from Sandra dee Robinson, who is another one of my fellow-presenters at the, which airs live Jan 14-22, 2012.

Sandra is an actress, speaker, radio host and founder of Charisma on Camera Media Training Studio, helping professionals from all walks of life establish their “Visual Brand”.

What would you expect to hear from a visual brand expert? Maybe, “Practice, practice, practice! Get it all perfect before you go live!”

Sandra Dee Robinson

Sandra Dee Robinson

That’s not what Sandra says! She advises, “Forget about perfection…   After all, we are drawn to the brokenness in each of us. That is what makes us human… So before you procrastinate another day … Waiting for that last 10 lbs to drop off before you shoot your video, or rewrite your bullets points of your message ONE MORE time..   Give your self a break.. Share your message, be present with your audience. Don’t worry about stutters, or pauses.. We need to know that you are like us, even if you are the expert we are looking for!  You see, it’s your presence, not your perfection, that we will love!”

You can learn more from Sandra at her website and at  And, of course, there’s all kinds of media training available in the Media Zone at as well. And, like we’ve been saying,

If you want different outcomes in 2012, you have to change you behavior. What, exactly, are you going to do differently with the media in 2012?

Get a plan. Work your plan!

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