Speaking Strategy I: 2012

11 Jan

As a speaker, speaker trainer and the webhostess of WomenSpeakers.com, the largest online directory of women speakers in the world, I am passionate about helping you be the best speaker you can be.

My #1 tip to you for 2012 is to find at least one or more things to do BETTER than you did them in 2011. Remember: Insanity has been defined as doing the same things over and over, expecting different results. To see change, make a change!

To advance your speaking skills and bookings in 2012, tap into the training modules available to you in the Speaking Zone at Marnie.com or join the mentorship program to benefit from all speaker, media and life-zone training modules plus all the connection opportunities available with a full page speaker profile at WomenSpeakers.com.

Real quick here I’d like to share a few more tips from some other speaker trainers:

– 92-year-old fitness guru, Jack LaLanne, says, “If you believe in something, you can talk about it.” Choose your topics based on your passion.

– Erin Grunwell suggests that we quote, “Engage the lowest common denominator, so, for example, who has a negative attitude or who can’t concentrate? If we can engage that person, everyone else with fall like a domino.”

– “Say the same things over in different ways, especially when you are trying to sell something. …It will make an imprint that people will remember.” Judge Maria Lopez

– Speaker coach, Jonathan Sprinkles, says, “Think about the 3 people that are currently performing at the level you’d love to be at. Who are the speakers with whom you’d love to trade places? Who is it that is doing what you want to do? Get to know those speakers by buying or investing in all their stuff. Learn from their website, published resources and take their courses to glean everything you can from those who are doing what you want to do.

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