Writing Strategy I: 2012

10 Jan

Our writing tip today comes from another co-presenter at MotivationMarathon.com, Lisa Tener of www.LisaTener.com. As a book writing coach, published author, faculty member of Harvard Medical School CME’s publishing course.

Lisa’s best tip your 2012 is to get that book published this year!

Right on, Lisa! I’ve got an entire training module on how to do that over Marnie.com and Lisa, too, provides assistance at her site, but, I thought it’d be fun, right here, right now, to share the “WHYs” to help motivate you to actually get your book published yet this year.

Writing 2012

Writing 2012

Lisa shares that becoming a published author will allow you to:

  • Create a lifestyle including travel, speaking and working for yourself.
  • Jump start a new career speaking, leading workshops or retreats, an internet based business, consulting–you name it.
  • Help people realize your area of expertise which helps you get the success you deserve from higher income and hourly fees to national publicity.
  • Open yourself to additional opportunities you haven’t even dreamed of.
  • Clarify and offer your gifts to the world in an expanded way–and feel great about your accomplishment.

If you are serious about getting published in 2012, visit the Writer’s Training Zone at Marnie.com and Lisa’s site at www.LisaTener.com.

Be sure to join Lisa and I at the FREE, online Motivation Marathon featuring 46 experts and celebrities, taking place over 9 days on January 14-22, 2012!

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