Food Strategy I: 2012

9 Jan

My #1 food tip for 2012 is to Eat with God. It’s first and foremost what’s happening in your subconscious mind that matters. Way, way before any type of eating or exercise plan will work, you’ve got to be on your own team! So, trek on over to and start letting God change your mind–your subconscious mind, about your relationship with food.

Food 2012

Food 2012

Another of my co-presenters at, is Forbes Riley submitted the fitness tip: Find a few minutes a day to change you body and keep you motivated to achieve your 2012 health and fitness goals by using a quick-results workout plan. Forbes invented a machine called SpinGym – from– and there are many other options out there as well. The key is to find an exercise you enjoy that can fit into the minutes you can carve out of your schedule. If you hate it or if you don’t have time for it, you’ll quit it. But if you find the workout you love and you can do it in the minutes you have, you’re highly likely to stick with it!

If you haven’t already registered for the FREE, online Motivation Marathon, do it now at
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