Family 2012: Strategy I

6 Jan

I love my family! I’ve been married to Dave for 28 years and we are so blessed to be the parents of 25-year-old Mark, 23-year-old Keren and 20-year-old Tim.

As we launch into 2012, I want to encourage you to be very specific about your priorities as they relate to your family. During the live recording below, I share a story about an important parenting and life lesson I learned just last year.


Also, Debbie Mancini-Wilson, of, is a Best-Selling Author and Creativity Expert who Helps Kids & their Parents be true to themselves by living authentically with healthy relationships. She sent in her favorite life strategy for your family in 2012 and I want to share that with you, too!

She recommends that you get in touch with what makes you truly happy as a parent and then share the gift of happiness with your kids.

Family 2012

Family 2012

Debbie says, “So many adults are unhappy because they are not living authentically, or true to themselves; so many more don’t even know what their true self is. For most of us, our truth is something that we do–which comes so easy to us, that we discount it; it is that thing which makes our hearts smile while we are doing it, yet we fluff it off because it is not serious enough.

“But how do we know what, of all the things that make our kids smile, is the one true key to their personal happiness? …By listening. And the key to listening is to know how to get them talking … and to get them talking, it’s got to be a casual, common thing. Kids won’t want to talk if they know they are being set up.”

Love that advice, Debbie!

1. Figure out what makes you happy, and live it.
2. Get in the habit of casual conversation with your kids.
3. Listen so you can help them discover what makes them truly happy, too.

Debbie will be speaking at the – and even today she offers easy tools for parents to break through the communication barriers in everyday common situations over at her website:

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