Faith 2012: Strategy I

5 Jan

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. I want to start with FAITH because is the #1 life zone at, but more importantly, it is the foundation for everything in my life!

Faith 2012

Faith 2012

I have a deep personal faith in God and I want to share that with everyone! Knowing God, being known by God and living in, thru, by and for Him, is what I’m all about.

To begin this module on life-strategies for your faith, I want to share a bit from my pastor’s sermon last Sunday. I just loved it! He shared six fear-based faith-busters:

1. Fear vs. faith causes stress because I’m tackling conflicting information.
2. Fear vs. faith leads to a scarcity mentality that unnecessarily shrinks my options.
3. Fear vs. faith leads me to fulfill my self-defeating prophecies.
4. Fear vs. faith infects others around me with my negativity.
5. Fear vs. faith causes me to doubt my abilities and to shrink from challenges.
6. Fear vs. faith makes me miserable!

Thanks, Pastor Wayne Maxwell of Woodland Bible Church for those great fear-busing, faith-building reminders.

Just now I want to share that I’ll be speaking on the topic of FAITH at on Friday, January 20th at the afternoon session. If you want to learn more about faith, join us! If you are a faith-based follower of Jesus Christ, pray for me that day – a lot of people who listen in to that presentation will be from around the world, other cultures, various religions and denominations and you can imagine both the opportunity for which I am grateful and the responsibility for which I’ve been uniquely equipped. So, your prayers and presence are welcome and encouraged.

Should you choose to join us that day, which I hope you will, during my one-hour intensive, I’ll be sharing faith-based facts including that:

1. You are 100% unique. I’ll share the 10 ways you are completely unique from anyone else, ever – and only one of these has anything to do with appearance.
2. You’ll learn that your 3 billion base-pair of DNA have determined your roadmap to success, which was established before you were born. You can’t change your DNA.
3. You’ll discover how amazing you really are! I’ll be sharing breathtaking statistics about the amazing you and how to press into personal faith.
4. You will understand exactly how your subconscious mind is driving you forward at 20 million stimuli per second and how this invisible “driver” affects your life, your success and your faith.
5. You will learn how your conscious mind is constantly sending “work orders” to your subconscious and how you can use goals, affirmations and positive self-talk in your faith-walk.
6. I’ll share why fear is the #1 faith-buster and how you can overcome it by understanding the 3 kinds of fear and why each is so valuable.
7. During that one-hour training you’ll learn why faith’s value is based on its target. For example, if you place your faith in a broken chair, when you sit down, it will break under you and you’ll fall. Likewise, when you switch on the lights during a power outage, you’ll remain in the dark. AND if you invest faith into the wrong things, you’ll fail. During this portion of the training you’ll learn how to know where to place your faith in order to succeed for now and eternity.
8. Finally, we’ll talk about the need to exercise faith in order to enjoy its function. Faith without works truly is dead.

So right now, open a new tab on your computer to and register to attend this FREE online event January 14-22 – and also block off your schedule to join me on Friday, January 20th for the training on FAITH.

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