Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Selecting Your Ideal Guest Speaker

29 Dec

Before you invite a speaker, there are a few critical things you should ask about:

1. What is her statement of faith? Does it match yours?
2. What are her motivational gifts? For example, a speaker with a powerful altar ministry may be one group’s “best speaker ever” and another group’s nightmare.
3. What is her presentation style? Is she loud and dynamic, soft spoken, humorous or deep? All of these have a place, but not necessarily at your event.

Before you can clearly identify what “she” needs to be, you’ll have to define what you need:

  • Is your event mostly for fun and fellowship? You’ll need an enthusiastic speaker with a sense of humor.
  • Is it a spiritual renewal weekend? You’ll need theologically sound teaching balanced with personal stories, humor, and a listening pray-er.
  • Are you hosting a Ladies Night Out? Find a speaker who can match an encouraging Scriptural challenge to the interesting hobby/craft everyone will learn that night. Or, invite a speaker who can do both: teach a useful skill and provide spiritual wealth.

Once you have clearly defined your event’s parameters you will be able to select the right speaker to make it happen.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss how to book and host your speaker, but for now, spend time establishing your event goals. My eBook, Retreats Made Easy is a 2-hour project guide resulting in a retreat plan, committee outline, operational budget and speaker parameters. It’s $18.95 alone or part of the mentorship program at Marnie.com.


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