Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Creative Ways to Raise Speaker Fees, Honorariums & Travel Expenses

28 Dec

You may be asking, “How much does the average speaker get paid?” Sorry, but there is no such number.

  1. Businesses budget for speakers. They pay speakers a set fee. They have fees for presentations, full-day in-house trainings, monthly meetings, quarterly events and annual conventions. These can vary within the same business by thousands of dollars.
  2. Organizations and clubs have rules, speaker guidelines and some pay, some don’t.
  3. Churches and Women’s Ministry groups pay anywhere from zero to thousands of dollars, depending on the group and guest.
  4. A one-time, 15 minute talk is radically different than a weekend retreat where the guest speaks four times.

Most speakers have an idea of what they need and most groups have an idea of what they are used to paying. Somewhere in the middle, the two meet.

From yesterday, remember the motto I hope you’ll adopt:

“We generously support our guest speakers financially
to the exact degree God enables us.”

Let’s say that the guest speaker you decide you want to bring in actually needs more than your budget allows.  Here are some of the creative fundraisers I’ve heard about at WomenSpeakers.com:

  • Add $1-10 per ticket to cover the speaker’s expenses. One group budgets 50% of the total intake for the speaker (so they can fly someone in and pay her).
  • Take a love offering.
  • Host a fundraiser before or even during the event: a rummage sale, silent auction, craft sale, etc.
  • Ask for donations from local businesses in exchange for a mention in the program or a coupon in the gift bags.
  • Ask for sponsors who pay a certain amount and then enjoy a private dinner or backstage chat with the speaker before the event begins.
  • Host a concession stand serving bottled water, fresh fruit and granola bars.
  • Pre-sell and host a table at the event where she can sell her books, CDs, etc. as the income from these helps offset her expenses.

These are some of the ideas I’ve heard of from planners and speakers at WomenSpeakers.com. If you’ve done or heard of any others, add them in a comment below for the benefit of all!

Tomorrow we’ll discuss booking and hosting tips.

God bless & see you then!


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