Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Speaker Fees, Honariums & Expenses

27 Dec

As WomenSpeakers.com connects over 10,000 women’s ministry leaders and 1,600 Christian women speakers, each connection is unique.

As you book your speakers for 2012, here is the standard I hope you will adopt:

“We generously support our guest speakers financially
to the exact degree God enables us.”
How Much to Pay Guest Speaker

How Much to Pay Guest Speaker

The speakers at WomenSpeakers.com are amazingly willing and eager to come to you. They WANT to work within your budget! But, having said that, here is the speaker’s reality:

  • For every minute she is traveling to you, with you, or traveling home, her family misses her and her husband feels her absence.
  • During every hour she spends preparing her talk(s), she is your responsibility. She is neither earning money nor serving others while she serves you.
  • Every moment she spends praying for your women, she is not praying for her family, her friends, or others.
  • Upon returning home, she will need to bring a gift or provide payment to those who helped care for her children while she  was with you.
  • When considering whether he can afford to let his wife take future engagements, a wise husband must take into account the family finances.

Tomorrow we’ll explore creative ways to find funds to pay for guest speakers, but for today, suffice it to say that speakers should not be “paid” for the number of minutes they stand on your platform. They are on your clock during every conversation, email, meeting, prayer time, preparation time, travel and on-premise. Ask God to help you know how to honor her according to the Biblical examples in I Timothy 5:18, Galatians 6:6 and Luke 10:7.

And, as we go through these 5 days of Women’s Ministry Training, I’m praying with you that God will not only lead you to precisely the right speakers, but will also provide exactly the right honorarium for each.

God bless & see you tomorrow!

PS – Do you know a good Women’s Ministry  speaker who is not currently listed at WomenSpeakers.com? Tell her about it and encourage her to add her contact information. Both free and paid listings are available.


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