Women’s Ministry Training 2012: Speaker Acquisition

26 Dec

As I facilitate connections between over 10,000 women’s ministry leaders and 1,600 Christian women speakers via my website at WomenSpeakers.com, I see it all! Just as your women’s ministry is unique, having it’s own DNA and God-originated vision, so who you host as guest speakers and how you host them will be unique.

  • Some women’s ministries bring in one speaker a year while others host 8-20.
  • Some women’s ministry groups have a set speaker honorarium, some add $2-10/ticket for the speaker, and others take up a love offering.
  • Some WM’s rely on the speaker to provide everything for the event while others give her 15-30 minutes total.

Since January is the #1 search month for speakers, during which WomenSpeakers.com receives thousands of extra website hits compared to the other months of the year, I’m going to spend the next 5 days helping you think through your speaker acquisition strategy for 2012.

Find a speaker for my Women's Ministry Event, Retreat, Conference, Luncheon

Find a speaker for my Women's Ministry Event, Retreat, Conference, Luncheons

Tip #1. Get clear about what you need the speaker to provide. For example:

  • Do you want to bring in a speaker with a pre-set topic, like the title of her most recent book, or would you prefer to set your own theme direction and then search for a speaker able to support it? Decide about this before you start selecting speakers.

  • Does she need to be well-known or will just as many guests come if they don’t recognize her name? Well-known speakers are pricey and must be booked 1-3 years in advance whereas lesser-known speakers are often just as good or better, but don’t charge as much and can be booked with much less notice.
  • Does she need to be a singer, worship leader or skit-actress as well as a speaker?
  • Will she be presenting to a large auditorium full of women, in a classroom setting or over a meal? All these things make a difference.

As you go through the next few days of Women’s Ministry Training, I’ll be praying with you that the parameters you establish will be used by God to lead you to exactly the right speakers for your 2012 events.

God bless & see you tomorrow!

PS – Women’s Ministry Leaders and Event Planners search WomenSpeakers.com for free and contact the speakers directly. there are no middle men and no wait. Just browse anytime you have time and contact the speakers directly.


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