Christmas Chaos Due to a New Baby, New Business or New Responsibilities?

5 Dec

Every Christmas is unique and “1st Christmases” can be pretty traumatic. Losing someone makes a holiday especially hard, but even good things can add unexpected difficulties and drama.

For me, a few “different” years included:
1983 – 1st married Christmas
1986 – in our new house, 8.5 months pregnant
1988 – a toddler and 3-month old baby
2002 – 1st year owning M&K Takeouts
2006 – 1st year owning Soulutions
2007 – 1st year without my dad

While the first Christmas after a farewell was painful, and adding a baby to the mix delightful, my most intense Christmas’ came after adding each new business. The first year we owned M&K I managed to get a tree up with lights on it, but that was it. The entire decorations that year were: a) visors hanging all over the tree (the personalized ones we bought each staff member as their Christmas gift) and b) any ornament I was gifted during the season. I’d unwrap it and excitedly add it to my otherwise pathetic tree!

The first few years of owning Soulutions were almost worse, because Christmas had to start in February (buying goods for the next fall), intensify through May (when we went to shows for final Christmas buying), escalate in July (as the products began arriving in the store), overwhelm me in September (at which point the entire store had to look like Christmas) and then hum through December 25th on high octane as shoppers met their Christmas list needs.

After decorating 12,000 square feet, the last thing I felt like doing was decorating my own house.

But, not any more! Now it’s all fun again.

If you are juggling both Christmas and any “new thing” this year, give yourself permission to be a one-year-old! Relax into the festivities and traditions that make sense for you, and let the rest go. Don’t worry, Christmas will come again and with it the opportunity to catch the rest of the things you love.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the season, and focus on the reason we do what we do! Marnie

PS – How’s that list coming? Check the Easy-to-Beat Christmas Planner for 2011 to be sure you aren’t missing anything important to you. Remember: A list like this is a starting point, intended to be personalized! Don’t ever, ever, ever let a list put on you on a guilt trip!


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