Easy Beat-the-Date Christmas Planner

30 Nov

Divide and conquer, that’s my motto! My goal is to enjoy every moment of every day to the greatest extent possible while getting everything done.Here’s my “beat-the-date” deadlines for each component of Christmas 2011.

Work ahead or trade deadlines, but the goal is to get the most important things done on or before its deadline.

1 – Start Decorating House-Interior
2 – Finalize Christmas Gift List & Budget
3 – Finish Inside & Decorate House-Exterior
4 – Sunday. Take a break! Celebrate!
5 – Create the Christmas Weekend Agenda
6 – Send invitations or confirmations for Christmas Events
7 – Determine Baking Roster & Create Shopping List
8 – Write Christmas Letter
9 – Grocery shop for Baking Supplies
10 – Do Christmas Baking
11 – Sunday. Take a break! Celebrate!
12 – Address & Sign Christmas Cards
13 – Post Christmas Cards, letters and gifts
14 – Prepare Holiday Menus & Shopping List
16-17 – Finish Christmas shopping
18 – Sunday. Take a break! Celebrate!
19 – Grocery shop for Weekend Meals
20-22 – Pre-cook anything you can
23 – Clean like a crazy woman
24-25 – Enjoy Christmas!

What to do now?
#1 – Print out a copy of this list for yourself or personalize in a Word.doc.
#2 – Forward this link to a friend.
#3 – Get started & enjoy December 2011!


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3 Responses to “Easy Beat-the-Date Christmas Planner”

  1. Elaine W. Miller November 30, 2011 at 6:21 PM #

    You make it look so easy. I’m copying your list and sticking to it. Thanks! May your organization give me a Christ-filled and not a stress-filled Christmas.

  2. Sally Ferguson December 1, 2011 at 10:20 AM #

    This is a no-nonsense approach. It will help me quit waffling on decisions and just get’er done… thanks!


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    […] the GTD system together with a blog post I read on Marnie’s Blog, “Easy Beat-the Date Christmas Planner,” and voilà! There’s the secret! Marnie Swedberg has worked out a schedule for the 30 days […]

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