Talk Like a Pro!

6 Sep

I. Media Training, Weds, Sept. 7
II. Conflict Resolution Training, Thursday, Sept. 8
III. Personal Note from Marnie


I. Media Training Wednesday, Sept 7

Speaking succinctly isn’t only for media guests
anymore. As people get busier, they need you
to respect their time by saying it faster…
whatever it is!

Improve your communication by
tapping into this FREE online
training offered by media trainer and
former Oprah guest booker, Susan Harrow:

Speaking in Sound Bites:
90 Minutes of Expert Advice

Wednesday, September 7
11 AM Pacific
Noon Mountain
1 PM Central
2 PM Eastern

Save your seat at

II. Conflict Resolution Training Thursday

Do you know that you can prevent many
conflicts before they start? Communication is key.

During Thursday’s training, Robert Moyers
shares the powerful “S.A.L.T.” method of
communication and how it can maximize
your relationships. Robert is a international
speaker, author, educator and public
relations professional.

Thursday, September 8, 2011
1-2 PM Pacific
2-3 PM Mountain
3-4 PM Central
4-5 PM Eastern

Listen Live at
or call 646-727-2510.

Download the Training Notes:


III. Personal Note from Marnie

One piece of modern advice that I routinely
reject is this: “Eliminate high-maintenance
people from your life and surround yourself
with positive people.”

Now, it is true, that I do not intentionally
surround myself with drama queens!
However, it is also true that I have some
challenging people in my life – and so do you!

Between our parents, siblings and extended family
members, plus our spouses, in-laws, children
and their offspring, we are going to have some
high maintenance people in our lives.

I propose that God places these people in our
lives to conform us to the image of Christ
(by allowing them to sand off some of our rough
spots) as well as to give us the opportunity to
pray for, provide physical support to and be a
visible testimony of Jesus’ love to them.

Next time you are tempted to terminate a
challenging relationship, remind yourself of
the love Jesus extends to you: He never
gives up on us, no matter how badly we
treat Him, ignore Him or give Him a bad name.

Amazing grace:
Receive it, extend it!

Loving Others with His Love,

PS – Planning a retreat during the next
12 months? Get Retreats Made Easy:


Connect Online at



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