Easily Obtain Quotes & References!

24 Jan

Social evidence is absolutely required by today’s savvy Internet shoppers. Whether you are promoting a business, a new book or your own speaking availability, you need your web pages and marketing pieces sprinkled generously with glowing reviews, but you don’t have to go begging for quotes and references any more!.

Email is the old standard and it still works like a charm, but social networking sites provide far faster and less painful “collection” options than even email. Here are a few super simple suggestions for starters:

1) At LinkedIn.com, get in the habit of giving compliments (quotables) anytime you can sincerely do so. Imagine your words appearing on someone else’s marketing materials, and make them that good! (Again, of course, only if you truly mean it!) The beauty of doing this at LinkedIn, as opposed to other social networking sites, is that the person you recommended in automatically “prompted” to give you a return quote, if they so desire. Sometimes they do, making it unnecessary for you to even ask.

2) At Facebook.com, send an email request to some friends who have benefited from that specific aspect of your life/work. My son, Mark, is starting a personal fitness coaching business. His well-written email generated several outstanding quotes from former members of teams he has coached.

The beauty of capturing reference letters and quotes from social networking sites is that a) you have permission without asking for it (since anything posted at these sites is free to use, with credit given) and b) you have access to the referrer’s photo, and posting that adds even greater value to the quote.

Hope this helps! Happy reference hunting!



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