Feeling Loved Book Launch

10 Nov

Feeling Loved: Connecting with God in the Minutes You Have

Tuesday – Q&A Interview with Marnie by Lynn Mosher at Heading Home.
Tuesday – Featured at Angie Breidenbach Blog, God Uses Broken Vessels.
Tuesday – Interview with Susan Martin, The Mom Coach, at WorkingMoms 911 Note: The recording is part of a for-fee conference set, thus free listening ends Thursday.
Wednesday – Featured at Carmen Boley’s Blog, Continuous Delights.
Thursday, 3 PM CT – Personality Training Segment at Leadership Attitudes.
You? Would you like to book an interview or guest blog with Marnie? Details Here.

Table of Contents

Section I: Feeling Loved
1.       God Sees You as “Best Friend” Material
2.       The Five Keys to Friendship
3.       Gut Honest
4.       Humility: Key to God’s Heart
5.       Dealing with Feelings
6.       Hearing God
7.       Affirmations, Meditation & Memorization
8.       Praying Scripture
9.       Personalities & Prayer
10.   Does God Hate Prayer Lists?

Section II: Scripture Prayers
1.       Prayers of Praise
2.       Prayers for God’s Will to be Done
3.       Prayers of Petition
4.       Prayers of Repentance
5.       Prayers for Protection
6.       Prayers of Submission

1.       Jesus is the Bridge to God
2.       Questions & Answers
3.       Marnie’s Top 200 Verses
4.       Recommended Reading

Feeling Loved

Paperback Version

Soulutions of Warroad has autographed copies for $14.99 each, 2/$25 or 10/$100
plus S/H. Visit SoulutionStore.com


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