Comfort for a Hurting Mom

21 Aug

I just replied to a friend who asked if I had learned anything helpful during the time Mark was rejecting Jesus Christ. Here is my response (which, I hope may also encourage you!):

– James, the brother of Jesus, grew up with Mary (the mother of Jesus) and God-in-flesh; yet, it wasn’t until after Jesus rose from the dead that James “believed”. Some people’s journeys to Jesus are long.

– Franklin Graham made horrific life choices until his 40’s. God never gives up on us and is able to use even the most wayward child who comes home.

– Always, whether with a wayward child or any child, God loves him more than I do. THIS has been my best comfort as a parent. I know the intensity with which I love my kids. The thought that Almighty God loves them even more — now, that is comforting!

Hope this helps!
Love you so much!!


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