Talk Radio Business

3 May
Talk Radio Business Have you been using tele-conferences for business? Are you curious if switching to a talk radio business venue might be better? Lisa Voorhies, a Qualified Speaker at captured Marnie’s insights on the topic during a telephone conversation on the topic.
Click HERE to listen to this 15 minute interview
Click HERE for the Author Training referred to during the call.

In this conversation you will learn:
– Why to market it as a teleconference, even if it’s a radio show.
– Listener options at BlogTalkRadio.
– The radical archive listenership flip from teleconference to online radio show format.
– Archive options with blogtalkradio.
– Skills required to launch a blogtalkradio show.
– How to think about “extra” opportunities that don’t fit the structure of your daily responsibilities/routines.
– How non-author speakers can write a book.
1. Marnie’s shows now enjoy more listeners than did her teleconference calls, but most listen online vs. on the phone.
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