Do You Push Yourself Too Hard?

15 Apr

I asked for a little help from my good, wise friend Susan about this one. I was explaining to her how hard it was to decide if I should self-protect or push myself. She responded with these words,

Susan Helweg
Susan Helweg with son, Michael
“Ah, yes….one of those balance things…our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit & we have a responsibility to take care of them as best we are able. But that doesn’t rule out “stretching” them to do what God has called us to do…. Will pray you have wisdom to know when to protect & when to push. =) Love you! Susan”

Susan is the mother of 12 children and I’ve lost track of how many grandchildren. She is constantly “on call” for some major event, crises or thrill, yet remains a steady source of encouragement to me and others by letting the Holy Spirit shine through her.

If you are currently facing a time-management quandary, remember that the Holy Spirit wants to help you decide what to do.

As for me, I am recuperating nicely and am trying, the best I can, to take it easy. It isn’t easy when God has the platter full, but He is helping me see the places and times I can rest… and I’m taking Him up on every offer!

Have a fantastic weekend!
Love, Marnie

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